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Rails 6 - What Javascript/CSS Framework is good for me?
Dear community, since I'm not a good javascript programmer and new to Rails 6 (especially webpacker), I'm looking for a good framework for the whole fancy shit (Slider/Datepicker/Autocomplete/.....
Chris-P-Chicken posted

Rails, turbolinks and javascript. How to avoid duplicate Switchery button appear?
I'm implementing Switchery button in my Rails app and Turbolinks is on. When I navigate to another page, and then click the back button, the button is being duplicated. Here is my Javascript cod...
Lee Terng Gio posted

Making a contacts form page, getting LoadError
Hello. I'm trying to create a contact page that emails me directly from the contact me page of my portfolio site. I created the contact form model by following this tutorial on YouTube. But I'm get...
Kyle Williamson posted

Loading ruby SDK from WSL2 into JetBrains RubyMine throws exception
Hi, so i'm running WSL2, and install ruby with **rbenv**. Running **which ruby** yields the following: ``` /home/tensai/.rbenv/shims/ruby ``` So i put that in the **Ruby or verion manager path*...
JDavid17 posted

How are lockbox and attr_encrypted different from each other?
I'd like to store users' API keys in my database. Lockbox was previously suggested to me, but I just came across attr_encrypted gem and they look like they achieve the same results to me. I'd li...
Yi Mei Wang posted

Working with action cable and remote redis server on development
I further inspected redis via ``redis-cli monitor`` and found out that ``ActionCable.server.broadcast`` publishes messages to local redis even though the remote redis url is mentioned in ``cable.ym...
Shreyas S replied Solved

how to model on rails that a supplier can be a customer and a customer can also be a supplier. ?
Your model is wrong it's better to have a model named partner for example which has a partner type. Now you can seed it with partner types like Vendor, Customer, Supplier Both, whatever you want `...
Peter vande Put replied

Is there an episode on Post Production Updates?
1. Make sure to work from different branches in git (e.g. master branch is on your production server and develop is on your staging and local) 2. Do not make changes to your to exisiting migration...
Peter vande Put replied

How do I change the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that MATLAB is using on Windows?
Thanks kadammanali987, even I was looking for the same. This did work well for me. Regards, T. Smith
Tesa Smith replied

Any Rails code documentation best practices? Yard vs Rdoc?
Main question: I've been looking into documenting my own code, and came across Yard and Rdoc. Right now, just trying it out, I have Yard installed. But are there other alternatives out there that ...
Yi Mei Wang posted

PG::InsufficientPrivilege: ERROR: permission denied to create extension "pgcrypto" HINT: Must be superuser to create this extension. : CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS "pgcrypto"
For anyone having this issue in 2020, the problem is that the user `deploy` was not created with SUPERUSER privileges which are required to create/enable extensions in Postgres. In order to sol...
Julio Cesar Fausto replied

How do I have a root route without an action parameter in the URL?
My system is using a post model with friendly_id so the calls are /name_of_the_post and this works great. The initial home page is also a post so in routes.rb I have ``` root 'home#index' ge...
Peter vande Put posted

Refactoring CSV Uploads with ActiveModel::Model Discussion
those 4 episodes are Great
nejm replied

Devise is driving me crazy
I solved this. I had a default port in my environments.rb file and then localhost was also being declared in my developments.rb which was causing a conflict as it was using port 465 in dev.
Gerard Donnelly replied Solved

Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 4 Discussion
Hey Chris or anybody, I am stuck here, the `@change` does not fire any event and the `@end` or others hooks does not provide the element in the event. Without the element, it's pretty imposs...
Thomas Sohet replied

How to use AWS Cloud9 for Ruby on Rails development Discussion
Chris great video!! How did you know to leverage Port 8082 instead of Port 8080?
Omar Khedr replied

Contact form that sends email directly from the page
I found a tutorial actually! Nevermind :)
Kyle Williamson replied Solved

Does it make sense keep using Carrierwave having ActiveStorage?
Based on the pre- version of Rails, I found Carrierwave to be more suitable for apps where I need to generate multiple-size versions of an image on upload that I may want to use outside the ...
HP replied

Recurring events with the ice_cube gem Discussion
Yeah, there's not a real easy way when the schedules are dynamically generated.
Chris Oliver replied

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