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How do I tackle this 28-line scope?
Rails • Asked by Chris Zempel
Context: I'm working on a startup MVP that's received very little love in the way of refactoring. This has been the most complex codebase I've had to grapple with, and its been tons of fun figuring...

Are there any up to date tutorials for jquery-sortable?
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Christopher Stewart
I've built a todo list that consists of lists and tasks. I am looking to use sortable to allow someone to move items around and between lists. Can anyone recommend any resources on how to do this? ...

How do you charge for building web app projects?
Rails Solved • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
Hey all.. Just needed some advice/suggestions on how to charge for building a web app. Would be great to hear how you (freelancer or agencies) charge for projects? Do you breakdown into front end +...

How do I create a forum where @ mentions would notify the person being tagged?
General • Asked by Sam Shon
How do I create a forum where @ mentions would notify the person being tagged?

Fixing Bundler could not find compatible versions gem "rack"
Rails • Asked by Omar Khedr
Hi everyone, I was working through Chris refile gem course and trying to implement it into my app. When I tried to do bundle install, I kept running into an error message in my console saying that...

Best way to build a Contact Us page
Rails • Asked by Simon P
Hi First post so Hello World! Really enjoying this site. I was just wondering what people consider to be the best way to build a Contact Us page. I don't need to store the entered data, j...

How to transform this spreadsheet into a database model - see example code
Databases • Asked by Sebastian
Hi everyone! I have to transform this spreadsheet [Spreadsheet]( into database model. This spreadsheet is par...

Incorrect setup for Model associations
Databases • Asked by Masud Hossain
I feel these associations are incorrectly set up. It's a bit similar to Trello, except I'm adding in a 'client' model too. The main part that's confusing to me is the fact user.rb, it's just buggin...

What could be the best way to deal with addresses in terms of database structure and perfomance?
Databases • Asked by Carlos Orellana
I'm creating an app for my company. In that application there are a lot of addresses because for Owner, Store, Landlord, etc needs to have address. At first I was thinking to create separate mod...

Form ajax upload to s3
Rails • Asked by Francisco Quinones
Hi!, So I have a form that was using ajax to post the data to the server, then I add it a img file and the process was taking to long so now I want to do direct upload to s3. https://gist.github...

Looking to upload files to local file storage on server. Recommended best to handle multiple?
General • Asked by Christopher Stewart
I am looking to upload multiple files to local file stoarage on a server. They could be images, excell files, pdf's, .dwg etc. Do I need to somehow declare what type of file is being uploaded o...

How do I use .vue (single file componenets) with rails 5.1 and webpack?
Javascript • Asked by Chris Collinsworth
I've been struggling with this for several days now and I can't get the component to render any data. ``` <template> <h1>{{ greeting }} World!</h1> </template> <script> module.export ...

Chartkick doesn't load on Heroku?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Adrian DeGus
I setup a few charts in my app using Chartkick, which work fine in development but not in production. I have the same "Chartkick is not defined" issue as this guy

Uploading a lot of videos and storage
General • Asked by Haroon
Just a general question here, hope someone can advise. I am going to allow a whole load of vidoes to be uploaded onto my site ~ 1k. I am already storing images and other uploads such as vidoe...

Advice on implementing a template system in Rails
Rails Solved • Asked by Jamie Carr
I am currently building a Rails app that allows users to create and manage projects. Within these projects are different groups and tasks which are of course associated models belonging to the proj...

Limiting filesize upload when using Shrine + AWS S3
Rails • Asked by Masud Hossain
I built my file upload using Chris's guide (, and i'm trying to figure out a way to increase limit the upload size of each file. Right now it ...

How do I prepopulate table data for a new registered user?
Rails Solved • Asked by Alex R
I'm wondering how would one go about prepopulating certain data table for a new user? Let's say I have a table with posts and a table with likes, and when new a user registers I'd like to make it s...

[Hatch Deployment] - Cannot bundle commonmarker due to cmake
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
Im using commonmarker for the HTML::Pipeline::MarkdownFilter. And when trying to deploy my app, I get this exception: ``` Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. ...

Are there any WORM (write once, read many) data stores that integrate well with Rails?
Databases • Asked by Chris Zempel
I've gotta store a bunch of events, which are snippets of data that contain information about a thing that happened inside the system I'm working on. I'm building out audit trail, which could poten...

PDF Receipts not working
Rails Solved • Asked by Adrian DeGus
I just finished working through the pdf receipts video but can't get it to work. I have the webhook working and all charges are displayed properly, but the link to the pdf 404's. Can you see whe...