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How to read database table in Application.rb
Rails • Asked by Puneet Gaur
I am adding CORS validation in application.rb filw where domain names are given in Environment variable but I want to keep all domain in database table and validate these domain during CORS val...

API params validation in Rails app
Rails Solved • Asked by Alex Musayev
Hey guys! I'm wondering, what could be a good and scalable way to validate if API request is well formed, before processing it. Rails has strong params for that, but I have a case when an API en...

How do I create an attendance form for student attendance?
General Solved • Asked by Ernesto Gutierrez
I've been racking my brain and just need to ask for help on the creating this function in my app. **Scope:** simple app for non-profit for tracking student attendance What I've done: * created...

Best Rails error monitoring software ?
General Solved • Asked by Pardha
Hi , I am working on a legacy application. I would like to add error monitoring tool for this application. It uses delayed job and other gems. I think Airbreak is the good one. Plese let...

Hatch - Deployment - Server monitoring
Servers Solved • Asked by Sanjay Nair
Hello I recently switched my Rails deployment to Hatch and have been a happy customer. I would like to check if Hatch provides server monitoring for the nginx/passenger ? I have few more instanc...

Rails mongoid connection to remote cluster
Rails • Asked by sommer bareen
I am trying to make a rails 4 application with mongodb (skipping active record). I created a cluster on, which has three hosts. The cluster is accessible in the Mongo Shel...

Edit Data on same page
Rails • Asked by Jorge Dominguez
Hi there guys, I would like that you help me found a tutorial to edit data on the same page and save to database.

Checking for uniqueness
Rails • Asked by Jon Ray Favorito
Hi people. I am working on a project that deals with enrollment activities such as generation of subject offerings and such. I have a model called Offering which has a has_many relationship with th...

How do I duplicate or move a carrierwave image that's stored on S3?
Rails • Asked by Josh Zandman
Media page for controller: User can upload an image. User can also create a folder. I want the user to have the choice to either move or copy the uploaded image into the folder. I've looked a...

Move a Legacy App in Production to a local Development Environment
Rails Solved • Asked by Travis Smith
I'm working with a legacy Rails app (Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.2.8). The app only exists in production. There isn't a development environmnt or repo I can use to setup my dev environment. I'm on an OS...

How to display multi-day events in SimpleCalendar?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Alan Kirk
Hi there, Not sure if i've missed something, but i'm not able to get multi-day events to show over the date range using SimpleCalendar. From what I've read on the Gem homepage, I've passed in...

How Do I Create an App Where Each User Has A Separate Table
Databases Solved • Asked by Vikram Sharma
Hi, I want to create a web app which is a simple HR SaaS. Each user/company which registers will have get a separate table to upload list of employees. In terms of autorization a user/company ca...

Checking for expired documents and sending email reminders
Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer
Hi, I've got a system where users upload documents with expiry dates. I want to send the user an email reminder 1 month and 1 week before expiration to remind them to upload a new document. Wha...

How do I design a multi-tenacy Data Model for a ROR Whitelabel App
General • Asked by James Williams
Hey Rails community, I am at a bit of an impasse. I'm new to ROR. I have been working on an ideal for a white label App utilizing metaprogramming. I started to design the data model and have bee...

Episodes on Chef and Capistrano ?
General • Asked by Pardha
Is there any videos on using Chef and Capistrano to deploy and manage our Rails applications ? Thanks -

Using migrations to migrate data from one table into another
Rails • Asked by Shairyar Baig
I have two models user and account linked with each other as following ``` account.rb belongs_to :user user.rb has_many :accounts ``` I want to move the data from column ```name ``` in...

Do I need rails-ujs and jquery_ujs?
Javascript Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
I'm bulding a rails 5.1.x app so no jQuery, but I'm usining Bootstrap so I added it in. I was adding in `//= require jquery` and `//= require jquery_ujs`, then noticed that rails 5.1 now ships w...

Stripe connect managed accounts
Rails Solved • Asked by josh edgar
I'm trying to add webhooks to stripe using stripe connect and managed accounts I'm using the stripe_events plugin and have followed your stripe webhooks ...

Error message is displayed One to one relationship with Ruby on Rails
Rails • Asked by prabu
Hi Everone, i am trying to create one to one relationship with ruby on rails5. 1. I ahve created the Dubject model in the below format class Subject < ApplicationRecord has_one :page ...

Install a custom loader with webpacker gem
Javascript • Asked by Abhinav Mathur
I am trying to use a Vue.js based material design framework called [Vuetify]( with Rails 5 and the webpacker gem. The styles for this framework are created with the [Stylus](...