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How do I create a Zapier integration with a rails app?

Rails • Asked by Chris Collinsworth

I've read a lot about this and I understand that it involves REST webhooks, but I'm struggling to get it to actual work. I'm not sure how to actually get my app to tell Zapier that something has be...

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Finding Users in Group Chat Go Rails Class

Rails • Asked by Omar Khedr

Hi guys, I went through Chris's Go Rails course on Group Chat with Action Cable and learned loads from it. One of the things that I need some help with though is being able to find all the chatr...

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Forum Series episodes ... no method error: undefined method

Rails • Asked by Miguel

I've been following along the Forum series of episodes, when I try to submit a forum post, I get an error. It seems that the controller has trouble assigning the user id to the current user. I thou...

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Hatch: Deploying my first App

Servers • Asked by Nick McNeany

Hey Chris, I was playing around with Hatch last night and it's really cool, awesome work! I am having a little drouble deploying though. I'm getting this > Git clone failed > > This u...

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Extending Rails flash

Rails • Asked by Jiri Prochazka

I have in *app/lib/action_dispatch/flash/flash_hash.rb* file this code: class ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash def my_method #... end end but when I call it in...

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Do I have to publish the source code of a commercial app if I use a GPL licensed gem like prawn?

General • Asked by Drilon Buzuku

Hey Guys, do I have to publish the source code of a commercial app if I use a GPL licensed gem like prawn? Cheers, Drilon

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How to display multi-day events in SimpleCalendar?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Alan Kirk

Hi there, Not sure if i've missed something, but i'm not able to get multi-day events to show over the date range using SimpleCalendar. From what I've read on the Gem homepage, I've passed in...

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Add Students to a class in a HABTM relationship !

Rails • Asked by John Sanderbeck

I have an app designed that I have classrooms and I want to "enroll" students in the class en mass. For example I want to be able to search by name and either add by an enroll or add button or a c...

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Multiple Devise Users sharing a dashboard

Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer

Hi, I have currently two Devise models Company and Contractor. When they sign in I want to redirect them to a dashboard page. At the moment I have a before_action on the dashboard controller ...

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Rails 5.0 - How to implement in-place editing without using best_in_place gem

Rails • Asked by Mike Whitehead

I'm building an Events site using RoR which I've just upgraded to v5.0.1 (not moving to 5.1 just yet). My events show page has a comments section at the foot of the page which, so far, only has a c...

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Running multiple Rails versions

Rails • Asked by Jiri Prochazka

Hi guys (and ladies if any), I have installed Rails with rbenv (recommended), but now because of significant changes between 5.0.1 and 5.1 versions, I want to start a new project with 5.1 (becau...

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rails5 + heroku + cloudfront + fonts

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Szilard Magyar

I tried to configure a rails5 app (deployed on heroku) with cloudfront for assets and fonts. I could make it work for the assets, then I tried to add the config for the fonts as well, but I just sc...

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Nested attributes

Rails • Asked by Giancarlo Corzo

Hi All, I'm working with nested forms and I'm stuck trying to create the two models and the controller to handle this association. My models following this structure: Survey -> recipients ...

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Styles not rendering

CSS • Asked by Miguel

Hey guys, So I'm following [a tutorial](, and around the 1 hr mark, he starts adding the styles. When I tried to reproduce it, it would not r...

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Devise - logging on with something other than email

Gems / Libraries • Asked by RJ McCollam

I have followed the instructions on this page to allow signing in with some...

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How to use In-App Notifications as an activity feed?

Rails • Asked by Adrian DeGus

I worked through yesterday and it works great. I tried to use this same system create activity feeds for my different models, but ran ...

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Two Forms/Two Controllers/One Page: Passing Instance Variables, Routing, and Error Handling

Rails • Asked by Michael Becco

So... I'm having a higher level conceptual gap on how to deal with a scenario in which a form errs out on a page that has two forms relating to two different controllers. My first knowledge g...

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Email Stripe Receipts

Rails • Asked by Steve Polito

Firstly, thanks for the great Stripe tutorials! I just finished implimenting basic subscriptions on my rails app. However, I do have a few questions regarding emails. **Will Stripe automatically...

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Access Rails constants from Webpack-managed JS

Rails • Asked by Alex Musayev

I'm just starting to use Webpack with Rails, and have a question. Let say there is a constant defined in Rails application. What could be a proper way to access this constant from JavaScript? Assum...

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How do I import a Sass library from within a "node_module" (Rails 5.1)?

Rails • Asked by Peter Marcano

Pretty much the question above! I have a Rails 5.1 app with webpacker installed, and I used npm to install a front end framework: `npm install bulma --save` Now that it is inside of `node_...