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Is anyone using digital ocean kubernetes clusters. I’d like to know more
is anyone using kubernetes clusters? i currently have a dev test prod paradigm with load balanced servers. looking to leverage kubernetes clusters but not familiar how to leverage in digital ...
Keith Gapol posted

jquery_ujs and rails-ujs problem ajax page
hello everyone. i am new in rails and ruby , i just started like 1 week ago . i trying to do a chat between 2 people on rails, with jquery for the ajax part. everything work, but i got th...
pikooli replied Solved

How do I create localized dropdowns with countires and cities?
Maybe this new episode could help?
Lucas Kuhn replied

Displaying User presence when tracking online Users with ActionCable
Yup. It's actually going to be faster than querying your database because Redis is all in-memory.
Chris Oliver replied

Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 5 Discussion
Hi chris, We will not use coffee script on Rails 6. So how can i send message from web browser over websocket to server (only by js).
Code55x replied

Google Maps and Google Places Autocomplete API with Rails, Turbolinks, and Stimulus.js Discussion
Awesome episode Chris! Would love to see more on Stimulus!
Nick McNeany replied

Realtime Online User Tracking with ActionCable Discussion
Hi Matt, what about setting a different key per tenant ? ``` ActionCable.server.pubsub.redis_connection_for_subscriptions.sadd( "online_users_account#{}", ...
Nathan Chalot replied

Setup MacOS 10.15 Catalina Discussion
After following these steps and check the rails -v I get "Rails is not currently installed on this system. To get the latest version, simply type: $ sudo gem install rails You can then rerun ...
Simon replied

How do I build conditional form fields?
Hi Chris : Does this issue was treated ? I have seen information on nested forms and wizzard forms, but nothing on that specific point. I would be great to hace some well documented reference. ...
Charles Fonlupt replied

Delete images from Digital Ocean Spaces uploaded with ActiveStorage
Hey guys! Using: Rails Ruby: 2.7.0p0 Digital OceanSpaces Active Storage gem aws-sdk-s3 I can upload image but when I click to delete image I get this: ``` :S3::Errors::NoSu...
Jorge Dominguez posted

Facing Authentication error
Hi , I am getting below error in my terminal and I am new to ruby on rails please help. Completed 401 Unauthorized in 317ms (ActiveRecord: 27.6ms | Allocations: 41921) Processing by U...
varun chawla replied

How to test ActionMailer in Rails Discussion
Cool, thanks. I've been using mailcatcher, which is great for developing but you have to reload! in the console to get changes in the templates to show up. Previews looks much better.
will replied

Why this error ? how I fix this.
No, I doesn't know this.
Thomaz Wanderbruck Schmidt replied

Flash alert/notification messages not displaying for the 'Log In' and 'Log Out' views
I found the solution to the problem I was running into for the Flash alert/notification messages not displaying with the correct styling for the 'Log In' and 'Log Out' views. The issue was resolved...
Alfred Montalvo Jr replied Solved

Active Admin Authorization by CanCan gem when User and ActiveAdmin have same model
I already had a User model with different roles handled by cancan gem. Now i have implemented active admin gem in the same User model with another role. Now i could not figure out how to restrict a...
Shaheryar Imtiaz posted

Fill in Stripe Elements JS for SCA / 3D Secure 2 and Capybara Discussion
I figured this out. It was `chrome` driver on which it was not working. I changed to firefox and it worked perfectly fine.
Ahmad hamza replied

How to use the Pay gem to accept Payments in Rails Discussion
Looks great! What's the main benefit to using Stripe with Pay, rather than Stripe solo? We have Stripe subscriptions already set up on our site. Would this augment what we already have?
Monroe Mann replied

Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with Rails Discussion
I keep getting status_code 304 on all my store.dispatch('loadPosts') requests, therefore vue is not loading my posts from rails backend. any idea why this is?
Thato replied

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