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Syncing Repositories with Ruby Scripts - Part 1 Discussion

Nice tutorial. Why git fetch followed by git pull and not just a single git pull?


Hey Gary, initially I was going to hook into the get fetch step and provide an interface there to provide an option of how to proceed based on the fetch but for this initial pass at building this out a single git pull would have probably been a good call and then build out from there. Thanks for the question! Always nice to get another perspective and reflect back on decisions :)


Thanks, I figured it was something along those lines but I wanted to make sure there wasn't something about fetch/pull that I wasn't aware of. Very well done videos. Thanks for the lessons(s)


Thanks, Gary! I appreciate the kind words about the lessons!


This was a great video. I learned a ton! On to Part 2.


This made my day to hear. Thanks, Mitch! I'm super glad you learned a bunch and hope you enjoy part 2!!!

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