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Thanks, Jacob! Glad you're enjoying it.

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Hey Jessica! Thank you so much for the extremely kind words regarding this lesson! Your comment made my day and I'm very happy to hear that showing things in the context of an actual project really made it click for you. As we add more lessons to this path, I will keep this in mind and try to continue showing and exploring concepts in this way.

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undefined methodblog_posts_path' for an instance of...

What was the rest of this error? The part after where you ended the message could be the piece that helps solve this error.

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Hmmm good question, I think it was light+ or light modern. I no longer use that theme (using solarized light now) so I'm not exactly sure.

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Thanks Tahir! Again my apologies for the export on this video. I will make sure this doesn't happen going forward.

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Thanks a bunch, Tahir for the kind words! Sorry about the resolution though! I think these were early on videos for me and perhaps I didn't export as best as I could have done. I will make sure that is not the case going forward.

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Thank you, Homero! Thanks for watching them!

Hey Michael! Thanks for reading the article. I agree about it being great to be able to get a peak into the thought process of others especially, like you said, when they line up with your own :)

You can have a blog_posts layout however, the structure that you probably want here is the following:
app > views > blog_posts > index.html.erb

This made my day to hear. Thanks, Mitch! I'm super glad you learned a bunch and hope you enjoy part 2!!!

Thanks, Gary! I appreciate the kind words about the lessons!

Hey Gary, initially I was going to hook into the get fetch step and provide an interface there to provide an option of how to proceed based on the fetch but for this initial pass at building this out a single git pull would have probably been a good call and then build out from there. Thanks for the question! Always nice to get another perspective and reflect back on decisions :)

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I would also recommend the Ruby LSP from Shopify if you're going to be using VSCode. They are putting a lot of work into that and it seems that that work is only going to continue and the extension become better and better.

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Any scenario where you want to forgot to save the last thing returned in your console or IRB session to a variable. You can also call methods on _ and they will be sent to whatever the last returned object/result was from your console session.

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Yep! Check it out here:

I'll make sure we improve the discoverability of this page by adding a link to it in the dropdown or something. Thanks for asking about this!

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Hey Becky! Thanks a bunch, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, fail is a handy one to have in your pocket! Also, if you want to do a similar thing but not cause the big error screen in the browser, you can replace <% fail %> with <% console %> and be able to look at instance variables and such in the console but also see your beautiful app! Both methods are available in your controllers as well :)

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No problem! I hope that clears it up for you, Diego!

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Hey Diego, the **kwargs parameter is added to the method signature so that you can pass a hash of options to the favicon_image_tag method which will then be forwarded along to the image_tag method. This allows you to be able to pass different options (kwargs) wherever you call the favicon_image_tag method to customize attributes of the image_tag method. Hope that helps!

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There is another section in the path for getting started with Rails along with other things. But the path is where we point everyone to for what you are looking for. Here is the link to where the Rails specific lessons start: https://gorails.com/path#level-two

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Which link are you looking for?

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