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Good job Collin!

Quick notes:

  • Ruby has to already be installed to do everything in the video so maybe a link to the Install Ruby and Rails Guide if folks need help with that (
  • Command to clear terminal screen is useful (command + k for Mac, cls for Windows, CTRL + L for Linux, etc..)

Thank you! : )


Eric! Good to see you here bud! Yeah, I purposefully didn’t cover the install step here in the hopes that we can unify on a solution for installation that we can easily keep up to date internally. The link you shared is solid for now so thank you for linking to it!


Hey Collin! Just seeing this 4 months late! lol! Super excited to be going through the GoRails Boot camp. I had only done the first two videos in this series way back when so I will start again and keep pace with the group! : )


Awesome! Cool to watch again! Thank you Collin!

Good Reminder: "Hitting 'tab' a few times to move through the list of available methods that show up after typing the '.' is sweet! : )


Definitely! Idk if I mentioned it in the video or not but you can go up the list with shift tab. 😎


Nice! Extra pro tip! 😎


Thank you for the series, will be going throught it. Just wish the text was more cleaner as it's very hard to see.


I think something went wrong with the video export as little part at the start was sharper.


If anyone is having issues with the text open the video up in YouTube and use the theatre mode or pop-up to scale the video correctly the text looks better.
Great video btw just the right level of detail.


Thanks Tahir! Again my apologies for the export on this video. I will make sure this doesn't happen going forward.


puts "Thank you bro I'm excited for this course".upcase

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