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Grant all privileges problem
General Solved • Asked by Jørund Jenssen Berg
Hi, I´m a total newbie and in the process of learning Ruby on Rails. So far I´ve installed Ruby (version 2.5.1) on my Mac and created a database. Now I want to create a new user to a demo projec...

Change Layout based on current URL
Rails Solved • Asked by Sascha M.
Hi all, let's say I wand to build a whitelabel product. I want to display different layouts (Logos, CSS, ...) based on the current URL the website was accessed by. E.G.

Check a user is author of post before edit or delete
Rails Solved • Asked by Philip Benton
Hi all, What is the best way to check a user (current_user) owns a post before edit or delete? I have a Post model with a has_one relationship to the User model, user_id is set. The logged in...

Missing `secret_key_base` for 'development' environment, set this value in `config/secrets.yml`
Rails Solved • Asked by CodeParody
Hi, im newie with Ruby and Rail. Right now im following Book Two from Daniel Kehoe. I stucked with SECRET_KEY_BASE. Ruby -v : **2.4.1** Rails -v: **5.1.6** After I restart Puma: Pum...

Switching from Sqlite3 to MySql or Postgresql and how
General Solved • Asked by Sebastian
I now have the problem that whenever I deploye something with capistrano my Sqlite3 database disappears. I have already read that it is in a different folder or that there are problems with it. N...

Custom Validations Issue
Rails Solved • Asked by Thomas Bush
I have a custom validator that I would like to protect some data on my Users to Sites has_many through relaitonship. There is one extra piece of data on the `sites_users` join table `is_default` w...

Iam desperately trying to deploy my App with Capistrano but it isnt working
Rails Solved • Asked by Sebastian
Hey Folks, I have always received great help here, so I hope that it will work out this time so shortly before the end. I would like to deploy my app on my server and use capistrano. However, I...

Anyone here built an iOS app with ROR backends.
General Solved • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
Hey all! Just looking to learn more about how to build iOS apps with ROR backend, and wondering if anyone has done the same? If you can share links/resources that has helped you build iOS apps, it'...

Shrine::Error: storage :cache isn't registered on FileUploader
Rails Solved • Asked by Ashutosh Mittal
Im using Mongoid 6.0.3, ruby 2.3.1 and rails 5.2 I created a file_uploader class for handling my uploads using shrine. > > /app/uploaders/file_uploader.rb ``` class FileUploader < S...

rails generate devise:install hangs
Rails Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
I ran into this issue today whilst I was trying to deploy jumpstart template into my Rails 5.2.1 App When I ran rails generate devise:install nothing happened. No errors, no output – nothing. ...

Team tracking?
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Monroe Mann
Hi Chris, Is there or will there be a way to see which videos my team have watched, and how many, and what their XP scores are, etc, all on the team page? And see whether they actually watched,...

Stripe Subscriptions: Duplicate Customers
Rails Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Eeveryone, I'm creating a subscription site using Stripe v3. For the most part everything is working fine, but I noticed in my Stripe Customer dashboard there are duplicate customers (for al...

How do I create a delete button for images uploaded with Active Storage
Rails Solved • Asked by Georgie Reynolds
I am creating a user interface for users to upload images and delete ones they've already uploaded. It is using Rails 5.2 Active Storage and Amazon S3. The issue I am experiencing is similar to...

cloudflare vs cloudfront vs ?
Tips Solved • Asked by Robert Hopman
Hey Chris, I've many images on S3 with avg size of 30KB per img that take about 1-2 seconds to display. I'm looking at cloudfront & cloudflare to speed this up. Later perhaps imgix, but I se...

Hatchbox: How do I point a Godaddy Domain to a wildcard sub-domain?
Servers Solved • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
I run my app on Hatchbox, and have successfully created subdomains for each user. E.g. etc. How do I point user 2's own website ( to...

JWT with Devise (App and API)
Rails Solved • Asked by Stephen Gold
Hi, I'm looking to extend my Rails 5.2 application that uses Devise for authentication so I can support API requests via JSON. I have looked at Chris' videos and did some searching around -- mos...

How is the Trix editor on "Parsed with Markdown"?
General Solved • Asked by chrickso
I was considering implementing on my website the ability for users to switch between a markdown editor or the trix editor but then I noticed on this editor (which appears to be Trix) it...

Multi tenancy for one type of user
Rails Solved • Asked by John Vehr
Chris Would you ever see a scenerio where you would use a multi tenancy approach for one type of user? For example lets say you have an etsy like example, the vendor would have their own section...

Load only products based on region ideas please :)
Rails Solved • Asked by Alan Reid
Hi all, Im trying to work out the best way to do a task. On the users menu, they are able to select a region they are a member of. Once a user selects a region I want to load all data on the pa...

How do I find the next and previous lesson?
General Solved • Asked by Stephen Sizer
I am currently building an LMS and am looking to add in the ability for the user to navigate to the next lesson. In the admin back end when a teacher adds a lesson they are able to give it a pos...