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How do I find the next and previous lesson?
General Solved • Asked by Stephen Sizer
I am currently building an LMS and am looking to add in the ability for the user to navigate to the next lesson. In the admin back end when a teacher adds a lesson they are able to give it a pos...

Multi tenancy for one type of user
Rails Solved • Asked by John Vehr
Chris Would you ever see a scenerio where you would use a multi tenancy approach for one type of user? For example lets say you have an etsy like example, the vendor would have their own section...

Passenger vs Puma
Servers Solved • Asked by Matt Walston
I notice that there seems to be a preference for Passenger over Puma in your screencasts and Can you elaborate? I was curious about HTTP/2, multithreading, performance, etc.

Sortable Drag and Drop
Rails Solved • Asked by Clay
Hi I am hoping someone can assist. I have gone through the tutorial of Srttable Drag and Drop. All is working but once the drop happens I...

Hatchbox: How do I point a Godaddy Domain to a wildcard sub-domain?
Servers Solved • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
I run my app on Hatchbox, and have successfully created subdomains for each user. E.g. etc. How do I point user 2's own website ( to...

Exposing API when uploading image with ActiveStorage in Rails 5.2
General Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
I'm trying to expose my API, but I'm having a hard time exposing an image that I uploaded using ActiveStorage. This is the current out put from the console when running `Recipe.last.image`: ```...

Dropdown menu with form data?
Javascript Solved • Asked by Christian Kienast
Hey there, I'm building a dropdown menu for a form, that looks something like this: - Entry 1 - Subset - Entry 1 - Entry 2 - Entry 2 The selected option has to be in the params later...

How to change Boolean Value on specific date.
Rails Solved • Asked by Jeff Wolfram
I am looking to change a boolean value on a specific date automatically. How would I do that. For example, it I have a post and would like it to publish automatically in two days at 8am. Would wo...

Capistrano Rbenv Bundle Failed
Servers Solved • Asked by Agung Setiawan
Hi, I'm following this tutorial on deploying rails app About to reach the last step but it failed when performing bundle install as screenshot below ...

General Solved • Asked by Jacob Hedengren
Hi everyone, I have recently set on a mission to learn more about APIs. I get some data from a external JSON API but have come a cross an issue that I need some help with. I’ve defined my ca...

How is the Trix editor on "Parsed with Markdown"?
General Solved • Asked by chrickso
I was considering implementing on my website the ability for users to switch between a markdown editor or the trix editor but then I noticed on this editor (which appears to be Trix) it...

cloudflare vs cloudfront vs ?
Tips Solved • Asked by Robert Hopman
Hey Chris, I've many images on S3 with avg size of 30KB per img that take about 1-2 seconds to display. I'm looking at cloudfront & cloudflare to speed this up. Later perhaps imgix, but I se...

How do I create an attendance form for student attendance?
General Solved • Asked by Ernesto Gutierrez
I've been racking my brain and just need to ask for help on the creating this function in my app. **Scope:** simple app for non-profit for tracking student attendance What I've done: * created...

How do I sort values incoming from an API call?
General Solved • Asked by Chantal Justamond
- I have incoming results from an API and I want to sort them (e.g. price) how can i do this without saving the results to the DB?- this is a rails app. 

How to attach "users" to a tenant/tenants with Rails multi-tenancy/apartment
Rails Solved • Asked by Andre Goldstein
Hey guys, Have been watching some great videos on multi-tenancy with Rails but one thing I can't quite get my head around. If a `User` remains global, what is the best strategy for giving the...

How would one go about sorting ActiveStorage has_many_attached objects?
Rails Solved • Asked by Aaron Belsham
Hey there,Just wondering if anyone can shed some light here as the Google search is pretty thin right now for ActiveStorage.Is there a way to a a property (say sort_order) to each of the has_many_a...

Whats the best way to handle subscriptions with a forum?
Rails Solved • Asked by Stephen Sizer
I'm building a forum and was wondering what's the best way to handle subscriptions? 

How do I install bootstrap-v4 via yarn?
CSS Solved • Asked by Drilon Buzuku
Hey Guys, I tried to install bootstrap4 via yarn. And I tried it like this: 1. yarn add [email protected] 2. rails webpacker:compile 3. add the line: import 'bootstrap/dist/css/boots...

How to use rails and sortable connected lists
Rails Solved • Asked by Graeme Ellis
Hello!I'm trying to create sortable connected lists with a single modal. Two lists that I want to move items between and then display. I've successfully followed the video on sortable with a single...

Need some help with an Active Record Query
Rails Solved • Asked by Simon P
HiI have these tables:Users which has many:Farms which has many:StoresI want to return stores that belong to a specific user_id.Got this far but Rails is giving me an error.Thanks in advance for an...