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Disaster recover plan?!
Servers Solved • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello, So I'm deploying my first Rails app built for a customer – 🎉 – to production in couple of days – I'm using Hatch – and I'm not sure what kind of setup/plan I should have for "disater reco...

Hatch / Updates
Servers Solved • Asked by Louis-Philippe ENGELMANN
Are you going to manage the updates of the core components (vs gems) like Postgres / Redis etc ... ?

Bye bye Heroku 👋 welcome Hatch 🐣 Deploying my first app, few trivial question :)
Servers Solved • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello, Although I've been working with Rails for about 3 years now I was never resposible for deploying apps and dealing with servers – embarrassing, right? – apart from a side project I used H...

Change Domain of Server?
Servers • Asked by Ketan Anjaria
I have an app at but I just bought How do I set it up where all previous links to redirect to ie should redirect to

Hatch: Deploying my first App
Servers Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Chris, I was playing around with Hatch last night and it's really cool, awesome work! I am having a little drouble deploying though. I'm getting this > Git clone failed > > This u...

Capistrano Rbenv Bundle Failed
Servers Solved • Asked by Agung Setiawan
Hi, I'm following this tutorial on deploying rails app About to reach the last step but it failed when performing bundle install as screenshot below ...

On what server is Gorails hosted?
Servers Solved • Asked by Nicolás Bobb
On what server is Gorails hosted? I'm looking for one for a project

Actioncable production settings when using heroku + custom domain
Servers • Asked by Masud Hossain
So I built a website and pushed it to heroku production `` and bought a domain to reroute to show whatever is on ``. This all works great, ex...

Solutions for high memory usage in rails development or production(heroku)
Servers Solved • Asked by Masud Hossain
So i built my web app that allows users to chat with eachother, see who's online, and send notifications all using actioncable and it's using up A LOT of memory it seems. Correct me if i'm wrong, b...

Error monitoring and notification for RoR
Servers Solved • Asked by Ashley Engelund
I'm helping on a small RoR app. I need to set up error monitoring for it. `errbit` or `exception_notification` both look pretty good. This is a small app right now (< 200 users with logins, prob...