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How do i deploy NGINX with passenger without installing rails?
Servers • Asked by Moshe Holtzberg
I am using NGINX as a reverse proxy is there a simpler way to get installed besides for this tutorial?

Freshen up your customer service with live chat agents
Servers • Asked by Sanjay Singhania
As our businesses are becoming more and more digital and consumer-centric, the customer care methods are evolving to match these changes. Live chat feature that allows companies to interact with th...

Rails 6.0 + Heroku + Active Storage + VIPS
Servers • Asked by Ivan Raszl
VIPS is a 3x faster and 10x less memory hungry image processor that is now available for Active Storage in Rails 6.0. Unfortunately By default Heroku doesn't support VIPS. Do you know of a working ...

Vim is being "killed" by OOM when trying to open prod log
Servers • Asked by Drew Bragg
I'm hvaing an odd issue that I can't see to get a handle on. When I ssh into my prod server and I try to open /home/deploy/app/shared/log/production.log in vim or nano the process just hangs fo...

host multiple websites with one ip
Servers • Asked by sreena
i am trying to host ruby on rails website in linode(deploying via puma and nginx capistrano). i am having a single(ip) server, where i have to host 3 e-commerce websites. i tried to host but all ...

Configuring WordPress with Apache and NGINX
Servers • Asked by Alex Morco
With Apache, I am facing slow server issue, I am trying to [Hosting WordPress on NGINX with Apache](, would it work good for my website o...

Installation Error with Ruby 2.6.1 on Ubuntu 18.4.1 LTS Server
Servers • Asked by AndreasGothe
I encountered following error trying to install Ruby 2.6.1 on a VMWare driven Ubuntu 18.4.1 Server with **rbenv**: ``` Installing ruby-2.6.1... BUILD FAILED (Ubuntu 18.04 using ruby-build 20...

How do I create a new rails application with ubuntu and postgresql
Servers • Asked by Arnas Klasauskas
I'm currently trying to create a new rails app. I can easily do this with `rails new app --database=postgresql` but when I change the `database.yml`, I'm using the same user for every application f...

rails - javascript doesnt work on herokuapp
Servers • Asked by Reckordp
I know this question is asked a lot in old posts but, no one has fixed my problem. The problem is an error in the web console TypeError: e is undefined ReferenceError: ubah_tampilan_menu is ...

Getting slowness on passengers in our prod env
Servers • Asked by Atul Kumar
Getting slowness on passenger servers in our prod env when large number of web services are being hit from another application server . At the time of load on passenger there is no load on our DBs...

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