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Hatchbox: How do I point a Godaddy Domain to a wildcard sub-domain?
Servers Solved • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
I run my app on Hatchbox, and have successfully created subdomains for each user. E.g. etc. How do I point user 2's own website ( to...

Passenger vs Puma
Servers Solved • Asked by Matt Walston
I notice that there seems to be a preference for Passenger over Puma in your screencasts and Can you elaborate? I was curious about HTTP/2, multithreading, performance, etc.

Would love an episode on setting up AnyCable on Heroku
Servers • Asked by Trevor Owens
AnyCable is the best approach for scaling ActionCable above 500 connections. Requires an extra server on Go.

Capistrano Rbenv Bundle Failed
Servers Solved • Asked by Agung Setiawan
Hi, I'm following this tutorial on deploying rails app About to reach the last step but it failed when performing bundle install as screenshot below ...

Still seeing the Welcome to nginx! screen after nginx configuration
Servers • Asked by Ben John Bagley
I have set up and deployed an application using Capistrano and set up the server and ngnix config file, however, I'm still seeing the `Welcome to ngnix` welcome screen.Here is what I have in the `/...

How does one handle multiple Sidekiq queues on deployment?
Servers • Asked by Aaron Belsham
In reference to the ActionMailer documentation stating Sidekiq should be started to listen on the mailer queue, how does one ensure the hatchbox deployment handles this?In the documentation it stat...

How to start and stop ngrok with Thin server?
Servers • Asked by Daniel Weaver
I'm using the basic Thin server on my dev machine and I'd like to start and stop ngrok automatically with `rails s` - how do I do that?I found several articles but they all involve more complex set...

Hatchox deploy
Servers Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
Hi Chris, I get this  following error while try to deploy -----> Connecting to web-app ( as root Net::SSH::Connection::Session::CommandFailed: Command "mkdir -p .hatch" returne...

Issue with multiple URL's on an Ubuntu/Apache2/Passenger machine
Servers Solved • Asked by spacerobotTR
I have a linux machine that I put together within my organization for Rails applications. I have my first site all set up and working. I am now trying to add a second site/URL to the box and for so...

Backing up uploaded files (hundreds of gigs) to S3 using Backup gem without duplication on HD
Servers • Asked by TL
Let's say I have 400GB of uploaded images inside a 800GB VPN machine. So we're confortably using 50% of storage.Even tough we have our hosting's backup enabled, we want to have an extra backup sitt...