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production.log is nowhere to be found on Digital Ocean
Hey everyone, so I deployed my app onto Digital Ocean according to the Gorails guide and I managed to get it working. My is able to connect to DO's managed database, and serve content normally. ...
Yi Mei Wang posted

Followed the deploy instructions; nginx throwing a 500 for rails app
I'm not sure what happened, but I had a production environment/config working with nginx/passenger deployed on Digital Ocean. I am not seeing errors in log files, but nginx is throwing a 500 when I...
Matt Bjornson posted Solved

How do i deploy NGINX with passenger without installing rails?
Passenger is an Ubuntu Linux package, it will install any dependencies required automatically. You don't have to worry about them.
Chris Oliver replied

Freshen up your customer service with live chat agents
As our businesses are becoming more and more digital and consumer-centric, the customer care methods are evolving to match these changes. Live chat feature that allows companies to interact with th...
Sanjay Singhania posted

Rails 6.0 + Heroku + Active Storage + VIPS
You're welcome :) About It's more because we don't really know the author and what could contain https://bc-heroku...
Nicolas Brousse replied

host multiple websites with one ip
i am trying to host ruby on rails website in linode(deploying via puma and nginx capistrano). i am having a single(ip) server, where i have to host 3 e-commerce websites. i tried to host but all ...
sreena posted

Vim is being "killed" by OOM when trying to open prod log
I'm curious as to why this is happening. The server is set up the exact same way as every other server I have yet this is the only one with this issue.
Drew Bragg replied

Configuring WordPress with Apache and NGINX
With Apache, I am facing slow server issue, I am trying to [Hosting WordPress on NGINX with Apache](, would it work good for my website o...
Alex Morco posted

How do I create a new rails application with ubuntu and postgresql
I'm currently trying to create a new rails app. I can easily do this with `rails new app --database=postgresql` but when I change the `database.yml`, I'm using the same user for every application f...
Arnas Klasauskas posted

rails - javascript doesnt work on herokuapp
I know this question is asked a lot in old posts but, no one has fixed my problem. The problem is an error in the web console TypeError: e is undefined ReferenceError: ubah_tampilan_menu is ...
Reckordp posted

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