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How to start and stop ngrok with Thin server?
Servers • Asked by Daniel Weaver
I'm using the basic Thin server on my dev machine and I'd like to start and stop ngrok automatically with `rails s` - how do I do that?I found several articles but they all involve more complex set...

Hatchox deploy
Servers Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
Hi Chris, I get this  following error while try to deploy -----> Connecting to web-app ( as root Net::SSH::Connection::Session::CommandFailed: Command "mkdir -p .hatch" returne...

Issue with multiple URL's on an Ubuntu/Apache2/Passenger machine
Servers Solved • Asked by spacerobotTR
I have a linux machine that I put together within my organization for Rails applications. I have my first site all set up and working. I am now trying to add a second site/URL to the box and for so...

Backing up uploaded files (hundreds of gigs) to S3 using Backup gem without duplication on HD
Servers • Asked by TL
Let's say I have 400GB of uploaded images inside a 800GB VPN machine. So we're confortably using 50% of storage.Even tough we have our hosting's backup enabled, we want to have an extra backup sitt...

URI::InvalidComponentError (bad component(expected scheme component): : https):
Servers • Asked by Tamer
First of all, this problem is a persistent, and I'm trying to solve it for a week with 0 progress.I'm working on a Ruby on Rails website and using Devise and Omniouth-<social media> for authe...

How Do I Update Rails Servers from another Rails Server?
Servers • Asked by jundalisay
I have a Rails Server A in Country A, Rails Server B in Country B, and Rails Server C in Country C, all using Devise and Omniauth.A user can sign up in all 3 servers. But when he logs in to Server ...

Creating & Installing SSL Certificate on DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04 VPS
Servers • Asked by Michael Stitt
Your [tutorial]( on configuring a VPS on DigitalOcean for a Rails app is great! This came in super handy while I was creating mine! Can you explain to me...

New server failed provisioning
Servers Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
Hi Chris, please assist with the following error;Your server failed provisioning!Server logsRegion is not available Make sure you haven't crossed your Droplet limit on Digital Ocean already!

Nginx Reload after Letsencrypt has made the websites slow.. is it common or its limited to my server setup?
Servers • Asked by Anand Padia
Hi Guys,We have an application which has about 250+ websites running on it. However post we deployed SSL on these website our Nginx Reload has slowed down a lot. We are now facing situation where i...

Gravatar redirecting subdomains to https
Servers Solved • Asked by Masud Hossain
I tried out's SSL encrypt for a new domain. And it's rerouting my `` to the ``. Any way I can keep it from redirecting it to the...