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Nginx Reload after Letsencrypt has made the websites slow.. is it common or its limited to my server setup?
Servers • Asked by Anand Padia
Hi Guys,We have an application which has about 250+ websites running on it. However post we deployed SSL on these website our Nginx Reload has slowed down a lot. We are now facing situation where i...

Gravatar redirecting subdomains to https
Servers Solved • Asked by Masud Hossain
I tried out's SSL encrypt for a new domain. And it's rerouting my `` to the ``. Any way I can keep it from redirecting it to the...

Getting a 403 on Ubuntu + Nginx
Servers • Asked by Peter Boomsma
My error log outputs the following, [ 2014-11-02 04:18:12.0511 23504/7f64e6a36780 agents/Watchdog/Main.cpp:538 ]: Options: { 'analytics_log_user' => 'nobody', 'default_group' => 'nogroup'...

Why my rails production server reaches to 100% CPU usage and making app to be unresponsive?
Servers • Asked by Srinivasa Varma
Hi My rails app production server CPU usage sometimes reaches to 100% and making app to be unresponsive. We are using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS server and configured Rails app along with Nginx and pas...

How to migrate from Heroku to Digital Ocean
Servers Solved • Asked by Francisco Quinones
Chris, I'm thinking of moving to digital Ocean from Heroku but my knowledge on this topic is cloudy. Can you tell us about the differences between the 2 service? and benefit.

Hatch Deploy
Servers Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
Hi, I recently deployed 2 apps on one server, how do I view the second app coz the view site button redirect me to the first app Ive deployed ?

How do I take advantage of multiple CPUs on a DigitalOcean droplets?
Servers • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello 👋 I've a two Rails apps hosted on a droplet that has multiple CPUs. Honstly I don't know what does that mean for the app and if I need to do any thing to take advantage of that or does R...

Hatch - Deployment - Server monitoring
Servers Solved • Asked by Sanjay Nair
Hello I recently switched my Rails deployment to Hatch and have been a happy customer. I would like to check if Hatch provides server monitoring for the nginx/passenger ? I have few more instanc...

Redis on Digital Ocean vs. AWS/ElastiCache
Servers Solved • Asked by Craig DesBrisay
I'm running a Rails app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk / EC2 which also uses ElastiCache / Redis to run background jobs with Sidekiq. If I'm not mistaken, ElastiCache is a completely separate service tha...

Disaster recover plan?!
Servers Solved • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello, So I'm deploying my first Rails app built for a customer – 🎉 – to production in couple of days – I'm using Hatch – and I'm not sure what kind of setup/plan I should have for "disater reco...