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Ruby • Asked by Antonio F.
Hello everyone, I would need to access the array to retrieve the information and insert it into the database (Code, Customer, Phone1, Phone2). Someone can help me? { :recordset => { ...

javascript_pack_tag 'javascriptNamePackage' render api json file instead of showing web page and load javascript package
Ruby • Asked by Cloud
In index.html.erb I have =javascript_pack_tag 'javascriptNamePackage' which render entire api json file and ignore all javascript package and everything.. If someone have idea what am I doing w...

ArgumentError: Malformed version number string Yarn v0.1.1 2011 Jesper Kjeldgaard
Ruby • Asked by Cloud
I have webpacker gem and yarn gem.. and I'm stuck with this error: (help please :))# console $ bin/rails webpacker:install rails aborted! ArgumentError: Malformed version number string Yarn v0.1...

A newbie to Ruby
Ruby • Asked by Yashu Mittal
I am a new to Ruby, so which episode should I watch first.

How to do a time comparison in Ruby
Ruby • Asked by James Darryl
Brief me with one example if possible . Thanks

Whats the best way to handle errors, when creating new records?
Ruby Solved • Asked by Alan Reid
Hi all,I am creating new records, and want to be able to catch the ones that error and add them to my activity log so I can look into them and why they may have failed.What would be the best way to...

How to count comments like reddit (infinite nested model) ?
Ruby Solved • Asked by Robert Hopman
Hey Chris, I have an `item` model which gets submitted. With `has_many :comments, as: :commentable, dependent: :destroy` then in the `comment` model I have `belongs_to :commentable, pol...

how do i resolve this error?
Ruby Solved • Asked by Alan Morley
undefined local variable or method `recipe_params' for #<RecipesController:0x00007ffa3c046490> Did you mean? recipe_path def create @recipe = if @rec...

Tuning Ruby for development
Ruby • Asked by Carl Mercier
What are you guys using these days to tune your Ruby MRI 2.5 at dev time? I've been using a mix of environment variables for a while and I'm not even sure if they're still valid, or deprecated.Basi...

Can RUBY build graphical editors like this?
Ruby • Asked by Michal Cohen
Viraj's Blog: Introduction to WSO2 Developer Studio - ESB Graphical Editor. Hello, can you tell us whether with RUBY we can develop graphical tools like for the ESB given in the link above?? That i...