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Inheritance is not working.
Ruby • Asked by leroydupuis
Hi, I'm a starter in ruby, I have a doubt in Inheritance in ruby. This is my sample code. ``` class TimeLine attr_reader :tweets def initialize(tweets=[]) @tweets = tweet...

Align Images with Text
Ruby • Asked by rikidev
Hi I'm doing a report with ruby ​​prawn, the code below shows two images on video, the fact is that the two images are not aligned, so the image c is displayed much lower, my question is how do I a...

How to install rails cms template?
Ruby • Asked by Anna Chebotar
I am using ruby2.5.1 and rails 5.0.6 now. I am going to install camaleon_cms on my project. How to install it? Please help me....

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
Ruby • Asked by Christy
Company Description Chexology is reinventing how items are exchanged between people. We started with an app called CoatChex, as seen on Shark Tank, to get rid of long lines and “he said, she sa...

API low-level caching
Ruby • Asked by Sz M
Hey Chris, I am a bit confused regarding API caching. I am using JSONAPI spec and fast_jsonapi gem and trying to cache the vehicle itself on show action and if there are params coming over like ...

Question on polymorphic comments tutorial
Ruby • Asked by Jimmy Sander
got through the whole thing and went to add a comment and i get routing error with the pattern of "films/1/comments". What did i do wrong?

Looking for Senior Software Engineer experienced in Ruby!
Ruby • Asked by Eleanor Turner
Hi all, I'm looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work full time either in Edinburgh or remotely in the UK to work for a leading cloud based accounting platform with over 65,000 users. Mu...

Ruby • Asked by Antonio F.
Hello everyone, I would need to access the array to retrieve the information and insert it into the database (Code, Customer, Phone1, Phone2). Someone can help me? { :recordset => { ...

javascript_pack_tag 'javascriptNamePackage' render api json file instead of showing web page and load javascript package
Ruby • Asked by Cloud
In index.html.erb I have =javascript_pack_tag 'javascriptNamePackage' which render entire api json file and ignore all javascript package and everything.. If someone have idea what am I doing w...

ArgumentError: Malformed version number string Yarn v0.1.1 2011 Jesper Kjeldgaard
Ruby • Asked by Cloud
I have webpacker gem and yarn gem.. and I'm stuck with this error: (help please :))# console $ bin/rails webpacker:install rails aborted! ArgumentError: Malformed version number string Yarn v0.1...