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Screencast Suggestion - ElasticSearch / Datatables (with Search Panes)
👍 I will say that ElasticSearch / SearchKick is amazing. Glad to have finally purged all my old Ransack code.
Dan Tappin replied Solved

Where is the search bar?
It works now. I see icons It was strange, I didn't see search icon for a couple of days. So I wondered if you disabled search. It's all good now.
Taras Danylak replied

Suggested changes to Ubuntu 18.04 documentation
Hey @chris I tried the setup again (using a VM this time, dual boot was being a pain), this time using Postgres, and it seems Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't have support for postgres 11 out of the box. I ...
Zachary A Skaggs replied

Screencast requests: Global ID and @mentions
I gotcha! Sorry, I wasn't sure what you were getting at. In that case, I should note that ActionText is pretty simple behind the scenes. If you were to implement your own thing, you'd end up bui...
Chris Oliver replied

New Site Design!
loving the new design and how its working. well done sir!
Alan Reid replied

Stripe payments course getting out of date
Brilliant. I just happen to working on a project that needs to integrate payments. Looking forward to this.
William Kennedy replied

Team tracking?
Absolutely. I haven't had time to work on improving the team functionality a whole lot, but that's something I should do soon. Not enough time in the day!
Chris Oliver replied Solved

sounds great looking forward to it being done! 
Eric Berner replied

Spell check
Unfortunately I don't believe that SimpleMDE supports the browser's spell check functionality because it's a custom editor.
Chris Oliver replied

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