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Stripe payments course getting out of date
Site Feedback • Asked by Justin Mullis
Chris just wanted to mention that the Stripe master course is getting a little out of date (mostly just API changes on Stripe's end). Maybe a good idea to enable commenting on each section/video i...

Team tracking?
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Monroe Mann
Hi Chris, Is there or will there be a way to see which videos my team have watched, and how many, and what their XP scores are, etc, all on the team page? And see whether they actually watched,...

Get started with Rolify for roles
Site Feedback • Asked by Melanie
Hi Chris, Please could you add an intro to rolify to your to do list. I'm getting very confused with the documentation. I want to have users in organisations who can have a role which ext...

Site Feedback • Asked by Eric Berner
I was wondering why there is a tool section or why it is empty....

Markdown/Emoji : how to host images?
Site Feedback • Asked by Boris Baskovec
Hi, I watched and I'm wondering 2 things : * Where did you find the asset_root of the emoji images? * How do you use your o...

Spell check
Site Feedback • Asked by Rails Addict
Hi, it seems that spell check only works for title not for the body of posts.

Is there a torrent or similar to download all episodes?
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Mark Schewe
Hello, in the next month I will go on vacation. There is only very slow internet access and I want to use the free time to refresh my Rails knowlege. I know, I should just relax, but learning s...

Watchlist Toggle
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Ron Huppert
Hi Chris, Not sure what the origianal intention was regarding the "watch later" button other than marking the specific episode, but I wondered if it could be added to the episode filter options....

Opt-in to receiving thread notifications
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Chris, It would be great if users had the ability to opt-in to receiving new thread post notifications. Sometimes I like to just throw my two cents in, but don't really intend on following ...

Duration of a video in the listing page
Site Feedback • Asked by rabin prithvi
Duration of a video in the listing page would be highly useful to select a video to watch.