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How do I write the correct association?
Databases • Asked by Arzee
If I wanted to have a "user_type" column in my "users" table that references to another table called "user_type", how do I write the correct association in rails? For example if my user_type is 1 a...

PG::InsufficientPrivilege: ERROR: permission denied to create extension "pgcrypto" HINT: Must be superuser to create this extension. : CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS "pgcrypto"
Databases • Asked by Juan S. Caro
Hi everyone, I have been deploying following the guides of this site. However, I had introduced the use of UUID and so I have set the use of extensions for PostgreSQL. Now, when I deploy, I get the...

What database should I use?
Databases • Asked by Michael Victor
I would like to create a database to store how often access tokens in my system are being used.I was thinking of a data model like so -Access Tokenfrom (basically I will store this hourly, so this ...

Database Disconnect Error
Databases • Asked by russell depp
HI,Most of the time I leave my DB management tool, like DBeaver, open on my computer. Sometimes after a long period of time I get an error because the connection has been dropped or reset. Specific...

Connect Rails Application to already existing MySql Database
Databases • Asked by Rishabh Shukla
Hi there, I am new to Rails and really enjoying it. I am converting my php application to a ROR application. The app is using a MySql DB, so I want to connect the ROR application with that already ...

How to structure DB in such a way that we can create attributes dynamically in rails
Databases • Asked by Anand Duddella
Hi I am trying to create for example a contact model but currently i only know of for example first name, last name and email but would want to give the user a choice of entering more custom fields...

ibm Iseries AS/400 DB2
Databases • Asked by Manuel Martinez
I'm trying to connect using some of the gems:sequel, dbi, ibm_db, jdbc-as400-adapterWithout success, does anyone have the same problem?

Should Categories be it's own resource or model attribute?
Databases • Asked by Ariff Munshi
Hey guys, I have a question on database design. Say I have a Post model that has/belongs to a category (out of about 20 categories or so). I am thinking of two options that have their own merits.1....

When to setup associations in Rails db?
Databases • Asked by Javid Freeman
I've always wondered if there is a better way to help database query performance in rails by breaking up tables with lots of columns? Any recommendations would be appreciated.Does it make more sens...

[I18n] How do I translate database content ?
Databases • Asked by Nino
I have translated my static content with I18n, but I need to translate some strings/texts stored in my database.For a more practical approach I have this scheme and I want to serve a localized `des...