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How Do I Create an App Where Each User Has A Separate Table
Databases Solved • Asked by Vikram Sharma
Hi, I want to create a web app which is a simple HR SaaS. Each user/company which registers will have get a separate table to upload list of employees. In terms of autorization a user/company ca...

How to transform this spreadsheet into a database model - see example code
Databases • Asked by Sebastian
Hi everyone! I have to transform this spreadsheet [Spreadsheet]( into database model. This spreadsheet is par...

Incorrect setup for Model associations
Databases • Asked by Masud Hossain
I feel these associations are incorrectly set up. It's a bit similar to Trello, except I'm adding in a 'client' model too. The main part that's confusing to me is the fact user.rb, it's just buggin...

What could be the best way to deal with addresses in terms of database structure and perfomance?
Databases • Asked by Carlos Orellana
I'm creating an app for my company. In that application there are a lot of addresses because for Owner, Store, Landlord, etc needs to have address. At first I was thinking to create separate mod...

Are there any WORM (write once, read many) data stores that integrate well with Rails?
Databases • Asked by Chris Zempel
I've gotta store a bunch of events, which are snippets of data that contain information about a thing that happened inside the system I'm working on. I'm building out audit trail, which could poten...

Is it better to create 'duplicate' inverse join records or traverse via ruby/rails?
Databases • Asked by Thomas Bush
I am buidling an application for real estate centered around comparing properties. I have a self referential relationship, Comps, which joins two properties and stores some additional data. G...

[HATCH] - Deleting separate applications on the same server?
Databases Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
I've been deploying several toy apps on the same server, but after I'm finished with them I would love to easily be available to delete them using Hatch's interface, instead of having to SSH into t...

How to perform bulk update in rails?
Databases • Asked by Srinivasa Varma
Hi there, Here is the problem in more detail. I tried to perform bulk update on rails model, but ended up with normal save method. I have some number of records and i wanted to update their valu...

Polymorphic relationship vs STI vs Class table inheritance with RoR
Databases • Asked by Toshiki Inami
Hi I watch your tuts and it's pretty helpful. Always thanks! I have some question about database design. There are three types of invoice items with following tables 1) **SubscriptionItems**...

Some good ways of seeding data in my app?
Databases • Asked by Karl Coelho
I need some seed data for my app. How do I seed Devise users, and always as images for Paperclip?