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SimpleMDE & RedCarpet
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Matt Taylor
So i have set up my forum with simpleMDE and i'm using RedCarpet to parse the markdown. Everything works great except when it parses the markdown, it adds extra set of `<p>` tags before and after m...

Integrating Turbolinks into rails 5 app
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Alex Deering
Turbolinks has been giving me a world of trouble and there is a lot of randomness with it depending on where I put it in the application.js file. Right now I have this: ``` //= require jquery3...

How do I integrate the local_time gem without using the asset pipeline?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Michael Raeford
How do I add the local_time gem to my project without using the asset pipeline as shown in one of the tutorial videos on building a user forum (

Create a User Profile after saving a Devise User
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Jason Brown
I want to have a user profile instance created in the database which is associated with a newly created devise user. The profile should be created only once and have a user_id associated with the ...

Working with FullCalendar in Rails
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Mauricio Duran
Hello Cris, Excuse my English. I want to know how (rails v-5) work with FullCalendar and simulate an example ?. I have seen several URLs and GitHub, but they all work differently ... Thank...

Are there any up to date tutorials for jquery-sortable?
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Christopher Stewart
I've built a todo list that consists of lists and tasks. I am looking to use sortable to allow someone to move items around and between lists. Can anyone recommend any resources on how to do this? ...

Chartkick doesn't load on Heroku?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Adrian DeGus
I setup a few charts in my app using Chartkick, which work fine in development but not in production. I have the same "Chartkick is not defined" issue as this guy

[Hatch Deployment] - Cannot bundle commonmarker due to cmake
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
Im using commonmarker for the HTML::Pipeline::MarkdownFilter. And when trying to deploy my app, I get this exception: ``` Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. ...

How does Searchkick/ElasticSearch impact how I should structure my database indexes?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Matias Fernandez
I have a couple of questions about implementing Searchkick and ElasticSearch in general. * Let's say I'm using ElasticSearch to search for products like so: ``` # usage "apples...

Eager loading with Gem Mailboxer
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Thomas M
Hello everyone, I have a User model which act_as_messageable using the Mailboxer gem. In my users#index view, I would like to add a link for each user to the first user conversation Right no...