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How are lockbox and attr_encrypted different from each other?
I'd like to store users' API keys in my database. Lockbox was previously suggested to me, but I just came across attr_encrypted gem and they look like they achieve the same results to me. I'd li...
Yi Mei Wang posted

Devise is driving me crazy
I solved this. I had a default port in my environments.rb file and then localhost was also being declared in my developments.rb which was causing a conflict as it was using port 465 in dev.
Gerard Donnelly replied Solved

Prawn disposition: "inline" not working
I deleted all the old pallet data, created some new data and that displayed inline without any problem.
William Jones replied Solved

How to convert each pdf pages to an image and display a thumbnail?
Hi everyone, I am new to rails and would like to ask how to create pdf thumbnails on each pages and/or convert each pages to an image and generate a thumbnail. Thank you.
Harris Mariano posted Solved

Devise: Separate pages for account update and password
Ah I am dumb, I got it working. Forgot that I needed to add the admin module in my form. Thank you for the quick reply.
Brian Gilbank replied Solved

Pipe convert out to Convert Input Minimagick
With a gem like `image_processing`, I believe you would just make two calls to do this. The first would want to save the output to the file so that the second could operate on its output. That way ...
Chris Oliver replied

Ruby on Rails static analyzer to suggest ways to divide up a large monorepo into more manageable chunks?
I'm trying to find a static analysis tool that could review a large Ruby on Rails monorepo -- 2300 files, 115k lines of code -- and suggest how to divide it up into smaller libraries and/or microse...
Philip Schlesinger @ Cryoport posted

Is there a acts_as_taggable gem that works on Rails 6?
acts_as_taggable_on works with Rails 6. I've been using it for ages, should do what you need. 👍
Chris Oliver replied

EleasticSearch and Indexing Empty Models
That was the trick - I should have spent more time searching the issues and I would have found that. If any one else hits this issue also note the requirement to add the second level of { } to the...
Dan Tappin replied Solved

Friendly URL's question
Hey Nelson, The name of the model helps make routing _way_ easier, so that's why it's done that way. Here's an example of why. You might have a /sign_up route, but if you weren't careful, "si...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

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