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[Hatch Deployment] - Cannot bundle commonmarker due to cmake

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Lauro Silva

Im using commonmarker for the HTML::Pipeline::MarkdownFilter. And when trying to deploy my app, I get this exception: ``` Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. ...

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How does Searchkick/ElasticSearch impact how I should structure my database indexes?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Matias Fernandez

I have a couple of questions about implementing Searchkick and ElasticSearch in general. * Let's say I'm using ElasticSearch to search for products like so: ``` # usage "apples...

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Eager loading with Gem Mailboxer

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Thomas M

Hello everyone, I have a User model which act_as_messageable using the Mailboxer gem. In my users#index view, I would like to add a link for each user to the first user conversation Right no...

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Uploading a file from remote url using shrine?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Roy Zinn

Hi, I need to upload a remote file to my S3 bucket (e.g., I get a link to a pdf e-ticket and I need to upload it from its location). In addition (as a bonus) what's the best way to allow users to ...

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Recurring Select Accepts "Null" As a Valid Rule

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Steve Polito

I followed the Chris' excellent tutorial on [Recurring events with the ice_cube gem]( However, I was running into an issue when the value ...

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Gems / Libraries • Asked by Nicolás Bobb

In Rails 5 versions is it recommended to use the gem Best_in_place? What other alternative is there?

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How to display multi-day events in SimpleCalendar?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Alan Kirk

Hi there, Not sure if i've missed something, but i'm not able to get multi-day events to show over the date range using SimpleCalendar. From what I've read on the Gem homepage, I've passed in...

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rails5 + heroku + cloudfront + fonts

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Szilard Magyar

I tried to configure a rails5 app (deployed on heroku) with cloudfront for assets and fonts. I could make it work for the assets, then I tried to add the config for the fonts as well, but I just sc...

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Devise - logging on with something other than email

Gems / Libraries • Asked by RJ McCollam

I have followed the instructions on this page to allow signing in with some...

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Why do you choose ams (active model serializer) over jbuilder or the other way around? (Rails API)

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Drilon Buzuku

Hey Guys, I'm interested in knowing, why some developers choose ams over jbuilder and some prefer jbuilder over ams, to build Rails based API's. Cheers, Drilon