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Spree - What is the secret key of spree? Ask Question
Gems / Libraries • Asked by theshashiverma
I am working on Ruby on Rails project, and I have already added the devise authentication, and now I have added the spree in my project by following this Github/spree I want to know that ...

Has anyone used VueJS with Devise?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by kwiksource
I am trying to convert an existing site which used .erb to an SPA (VueJS). I have followed

Impossible to install Nokogiri - OSX Mojave 10.14.2
Gems / Libraries • Asked by cbellorini
Hey Everyone, **Since the recent update (10.14.2) Nokogiri gem cannot be installed in my app.** When I run `bundle install` , I get the following error: ``` ./siteconf20190109-70456-1diyet...

Reputation Gems - Merit
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Simon Cooper
I was looking at reputation gems, and it seems [Merit]( could be a good choice. Quick Question though, can you add this to existing User models? Or does it need...

Is there a better solution that Paperclip to manage profile pictures ?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Damian Nelwep
Hi everyone, I'm asking this question because it seems pretty hard to setup, between Image Magick and all the mecanics there is to put to work... I saw there was another solution Carrierwave but...

Stripe Subscription with Initial setup fee
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Everyone, I'm building a relatively simple subscription based app using Stripe, Devise, Pundit and a few other resources. My only real hangup at the moment is that the subscription requires ...

devise_invitable: How to create a guest only after user confirmation by email
Gems / Libraries • Asked by rodolfo
I'm trying to create members of a team by using devise_invitable. But by looking the video related to devise_invitable, I'm not sure if I can create team members ONLY AFTER user confirmation by ema...

Video request: using message_bus gem
Gems / Libraries • Asked by TL
Message_bus is a really nice gem by Sam Saffron that powers Discourse and thousands of other sites; it offers a server-to-server channel based notification system (so, as far as I understand, your ...

acts-as-taggable-on cause SQL errors when ordered by relation
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Drew Bragg
I’m having a weird issue with acts-as-taggable-on when using tagged_with and the any flag. My model looks something like this: ``` class Document < ApplicationRecord ... belongs_to :p...

Using Yarn w/Rails 5.1, Getting 404 Error for jquery-ui-dist Images
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Garth Gaughan
I am using Yarn with Rails 5.1 I have successfully pulled in the css and js for `jquery-ui-dist` ui-icons are returning a 404 error in browser. All other functionality works as expected. appli...

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