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Tutorials on recommendation engines

TL asked in Gems / Libraries

Hi Chris,

I searched for videos on recommendation itens but couldn't find any.

We run a real estate website and would love to provide similarities recommendations (like "users that viewed this property also liked ...". There seems to be a handful of gems to acomplish this, but it's not trivial and it would be great to have a tutorial with your expertise. Any plans for a video like this?


Hey TL,

That's definitely a great suggestion and you're right, those recommendations engines aren't trivial.

I'd probably check out this gem first:

And if that didn't work out, I'd try building my own implementation. It seems most of these gems aren't too well maintained.


Hey TL,

You may want to check this page
it may be dated(published 2007). He's an engineer at google. He gives a example recommonding tv episodes.


Thanks a lot guys!

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