Learn Ruby on Rails Path

Become a Ruby on Rails developer in record time.

Level One


Let's get our foundational knowledge of Ruby, SQL, and HTML together in this prerequisite level.

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Ruby for Beginners

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It is the foundation for the Ruby on Rails web framework and we'll teach you the basics so you can get started with Rails.

10 Lessons
5h 50m

SQL for Beginners

Structured Query Language is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system.

16 Lessons
2h 30m

HTML for Beginners

Dive into the fundamentals of web development with our beginner-friendly HTML course. Learn the essentials of HTML, the language behind every webpage, and gain practical experience creating your own web content. Perfect for absolute beginners, this course will equip you with the skills to start building your first websites and set you on the path to becoming a web developer.

11 Lessons
2h 5m

Level Two

Rails 7 for Beginners

Let's leap into learning Rails. In this level, you'll build multiple apps to learn the basics of Rails, testing, and deployment.

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Build a Blog with Rails 7

For our very first Rails app, we're going to start very simple. We'll build a blog completely from scratch to learn routes, models, views, and controllers. Plus, we'll deploy our code to production, add migrations to improve our blog, and lastly we'll add rich text and file uploads with ActionText and ActiveStorage.

21 Lessons
5h 17m

Build a Password Manager with Rails 7

Our second Rails application is going to be a password manager from scratch. We'll learn how to encrypt usernames and passwords in the database securely with ActiveRecord Encryption, add Javascript so we can have copy to clipboard functionality, and we'll learn how to use join tables with roles to setup permissions for other users that we want to share passwords with.

9 Lessons
2h 40m

Build a URL Shortener with Rails 7

In this series, we'll build a URL shortener from scratch. We'll see how Twitter's URL shortener works for tracking view analytics and create our own short codes by creating Base62 encoding from scratch.

17 Lessons
4h 13m

Build a Web Scraper in Ruby on Rails

Learn how to build a web scraper & monitoring tool with Ruby on Rails

8 Lessons
2h 17m

OpenAI Whisper Transcriptions with Rails

In this series, we'll build an automated transcription service that monitors a video hosting API, transcribes new videos, and uploads captions to those videos.

7 Lessons
1h 58m

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