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Jon Guenther

Want to learn Rails then subscribe to @excid3 videos. And he wears geek t-shirts, too. Testify! (high-five)

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Alexander Miasoiedov

I love @gorails! Because i love what Chris doing.

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John Romani

Cutting back, decided to lose my @Spotify instead of @GoRails account😏

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Barbara Fux

My very own summer school is to watch a @GoRails video each day.

Qq26xlgl bigger
Martin Graham

I think it's the best tutorial I've seen so far for getting setup on Ubuntu with Ruby/Rails:

Br85ovt2 bigger
Joseph D. Marhee

I cannot articulate how helpful the documentation on @GoRails and @railsgirls has, and continues to be whenever I need a refresher quickly.

0fg8hvc  normal
Ryan Kulp 🇺🇸

you know who does a kickass job of shipping and adding value? @excid3 and his phenomenal @GoRails resource. props


HAHAHA love this!!! thank you, chris @excid3 you rule just as much as this gif. i will grab @GoRails next!! :)

Yjuemcol bigger
Aniket Rao

I love @gorails! Chris is an Amazing guy and a immense contributor to the Rails Community!

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Rob Long

I just realized that @excid3's @GoRails is listed on the sidebar of the #ruby subreddit:


this is how i feel about my @GoRails subscription. happy feels, all the way. wait, couldn't you tell with the danci…

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Dean Perry

Just subscribed to @GoRails. Some very useful vids

W0t6qxg  bigger
Stephen Giles

@excid3 just stumbled across GoRails and your sortable tutorial. Fantastic stuff! Thanks!

Itqj3eiz bigger

If you're looking at getting into rails or want to go further there's no greater value than @excid3 's @GoRails. S…

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Jacob Delcroix

Want to know how #ActionCable (#RubyOnRails) works ? Watch my playlist about it ! Thanks to @GoRails (en) and @grafikart_fr (fr) :-)

Ceast25h bigger

Belated christmas present to self: @GoRails subscription! 🤓 Loving it from the first minute on.

Hwynxf8c bigger
Mike Holford

Fresh new mac and thanks to @excid3 excellent setup guide on @GoRails I'm up and running again 🎉

Svu8ivs5 bigger
Brittany Martin

@excid3 watching your mad vim skills pairs perfectly with pancakes

Yjuemcol bigger
Aniket Rao

I can now confidently state that @GoRails is officially the best thing I've ever subscribed. Excellent job @excid3 cheers!

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Joe Minock

@excid3 Chris, cant thank you enough for your work with @GoRails. I'm working on integrating Shrine into my app and your video is awesome.

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Curtis Ovard

@excid3 @ruby_news @GoRails best $9 I spend in a month. I spend more than that in coffee a week. And @GoRails is the better value 👍🏻

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Rob Long

Another spotting of @excid3's @GoRails

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Matthias Fänger

Every @rails developer should check out @GoRails by @excid3! awesome #rails #screencasts!

Uawy5qkn bigger
Nino Rosella

@ckhadmus @excid3 @GoRails Perfectly fills that niche of people who can already code but want to learn a framework in more detail

Abhishek Kalia

Learning from @GoRails feels like I'm a pro at this already.

5rqb17ny bigger
Stephen MacLennan

@_adeeb @_30days30sites I started with @onemonthedu rails - was great. But the minute you're done, pick up a subs t…

Ygjyttnx bigger
Pedro Costa

@jeffrey_way by the way, @excid3 and @GoRails are amazing. Maybe on day you do something together. I'm a subscriber of both #rails #laravel

Id591lum bigger

@excid3 welcome knowledge doesn't come cheaper than lunch.... Does it? @GoRails

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lito coen

Train rides are the perfect occasion to work on side projects 🤗 @gorails thx for the awesome tutorials

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Dave Moore

@excid3 Thanks for the like. Great work on @GoRails, been a happy subscribe for a while!

Ftxri2rg bigger
Anthony Lombardi

Christmass came early this year. Why?! Because of this guy @excid3 and @GoRails #awesomesauce

Fdusi6cm bigger
Adrian Valenzuela

@RchrdChn The best up to date tutorials & screencasts are coming from @GoRails right now. @excid3 (Chris) == awesom…

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Tony Broadway

Going through a ton of @GoRails tutorials. This is great stuff. #rails #ruby #webdev

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stephane paquet

I love @gorails! Concise, accurate and up-to-date tutorials

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Steven Chanin

Thumbs up @gorails! Excellent content. Especially around integrating your Rails app with X, Y, & Z (e.g. Google Maps, Vue, etc)

Us0qhhns bigger
Sergio Lima

@GoRails Thank you Chris, and guys @gorails. I'm really enjoying all the content available for Rails developers. Co…

Orldekwa bigger
Jesse Waites

@schneems Check out @GoRails from @excid3 - great resource

I6ij8e2q bigger
Walter Latimer

@CodeNewbies Ruby Tapas & GoRails have been great resources lately. And watching conf talks on @confreaks ! #CodeNewbie

2f83db0a8756c683dbb5ff9dc10d7033 bigger

Tweet 1/2. Big shout-out to @excid3. Not only does he create insanely cool #gems, he is also a very friendly.

Ysyuyejn bigger

I just subscribed @GoRails and started to watch a video about S3 direct upload, which I've been trying to do well for a week.

Inpzj8nb bigger
Siddharth Arun

Just subscribed at @GoRails — it's an absolute gold mine for folks trying to pick up ROR. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you Chris!

Gavfh9qu bigger
Michael Raeford

@excid3 Understood. BTW, @GoRails is 1 of the best #RubyonRails tutorial sites. Extremely helpful, keep up the great work! #startup #code

2f83db0a8756c683dbb5ff9dc10d7033 bigger

Tweet 2/2. Checkout what @excid3 does at, @onemonthedu, @GoRails and @Launch_Code. Awesome stuff by an awesome guy.

C8mg5gvt bigger
Your Bud Ben

@sergiosouzalima @GoRails @excid3 cosigned, can’t thank Chris enough for all the great work he does to train over rails developers

David Whitmer

I love @gorails! Super friendly in the videos and on forums. High quality videos on a range of topics. Reasonably priced.

I4vyewt3 bigger
Damian Borowski

@excid3 @GoRails Watching now, thanks (btw: great work on GoRails!)

G3kxpbxe bigger
Pedro Henrique Altoé

I love @gorails! Chris is very kind, he is online on Slack almost 24/7 helping everyone. Can't count how many times he's rescued me.

H60fcas2 bigger
Jacob Delcroix

Currently learning #ruby and #rubyonrails and I really love it ! Thanks @GoRails and @excid3 for great screencast.


dear @excid3 I'd love to connect you to @ryanmulkowsky - he's fallen in love with Ruby on Rails & I've told him you're tha man🤓 + @GoRails!

Nsa6djw  bigger
Bob Walsh

Hold on to your hats! @rails 5 is officially out today. @GoRails is picking up the video tutorial baton where @railscasts dropped it.

5dhsytcm bigger
Jamie Barton

Want a career in @rails #RubyOnRails? Join @GoRails today and get ahead of your competitors. #LearnSomethingNew #Ruby #Rails 🏃

Vatw vav bigger
Fritz Rodriguez Jr.

I love @gorails! Chris's screencast are relevant and easy to follow! No matter your level, there is a ton of beneficial material!

Igrz8cqp bigger
Benjamin Spak

Treating myself after a breakup, finally learning to code with @GoRails !

2yc6yh2i bigger

@okuramasafumi @GoRails i also subscribed today and I have to admit it was mistake not to subscribe earlier 😄 #HatsOffToChris

 73l21k8 bigger
Carlos Orellana

I love @gorails! Great tutorials and explanations. Really good material. One great option to learn Rails particular features

Va8 blmr bigger
Srin Madipalli

Learning to code was central to building Accomable and raising funding - big shout out to @GoRails and @onemonthedu

Fdusi6cm bigger
Adrian Valenzuela

@galrocker using @GoRails has top notch uptodate @excid3 (Chris) = great teacher and responds to your questions. I rarely see others do that

K hcaxb0 bigger
RJ McCollam

All I want for Christmas is a @GoRails subscription :)

42tordbo bigger
VS Media

I love @gorails! Excellent easy to follow tutorials, delivered in a manner that doesn't make you feel stupid.…

Bhaskar Machcha

Best resources for learning ROR on @GoRails, Thanks @excid3 for screencasts.

2j vnz1g bigger
Christopher Young

Enjoying a productive day thanks to the simple_calendar #ruby #gem by @excid3 from @GoRails! #rails

Bdjnr6jk bigger
Füsun Wehrmann

tutorial for setting up rails on mac fast and easy.. Worked nicely. Thx @GoRails

Id591lum bigger

wooohoooo @GoRails got an upgrade looking awesome, that’s my go to resource @excid3

6j5srqt2 bigger
Glen Codes

I love @gorails! this is by far the best #RubyOnRails tutorial site, goes in depth way more than any other online coding tutorial site

1isejjlt bigger
Mackenzie Child

@ahmdqader no not at the moment. You should check out @GoRails if you're wanting to dive deeper into rails 👍

Fvkwpemu bigger

Thanks @excid3 and @GoRails! Saving me on the job one day at a time haha 🙌

G1moznzz bigger
Alexander Miasoiedov

I love @gorails! Chris is a great engineer and he makes easy to understand lessons with.

Crfblyit bigger
Vladislav Filiucov

I love @gorails! I'm recommending Chris all the time. This information worth much more. Most screencasts are doing basic stuff.

Yrpzfidx bigger
Norbert Forman

My very first #gem on #rubygems. Please check it out at: Massive thanks to @GoRails

Us0qhhns bigger
Sergio Lima

I love @gorails!

1isejjlt bigger
Mackenzie Child

Also, shoutout to @travisneilson for his work on @DevTipsShow & @excid3 for his work on @GoRails. I wish more people would teach like them 😎

Cmt2 4ml bigger

@schneems /r/ is becoming SO but I like /r/ruby, /r/rails, and /r/rubyonrails. Slack channels are better with…

9hi8nqys bigger
James Shepherd

Just have to say that @GoRails has probably been my best investment so far to date at $19 per month. #LearnToCode #Entrepreneur

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