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Training for intermediate Rails developers.

Become a better developer by learning how others approach and solve problems.

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Advanced Caching with User Permissions and Authorization

Learn how to use Javascript to enable user permissions and authorization in generic caches

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Russian Doll Caching with Rails 5

Learn how to implement efficient Russian Doll Caching with Rails 5

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GoRails Performance - The Techniques I Use

Learn how I design GoRails for speed and performance on all layers of the stack

Upgrading simple_calendar for Rails 5

We fix a bug in simple_calendar now that ActionController::Parameters are enforced with strong_params in Rails 5

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Use memoization to your advantage to cache results in memory to improve speed

Advanced Messaging with Mailboxer: Adding Attachments

Use Carrierwave to add attachments to your Mailboxer conversation messages

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Advanced Mailboxer: Multiple User Conversations

Learn how to create conversations with 3+ users using the mailboxer gem

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Advanced Messaging with Mailboxer: Mark As Read

Learn how to inspect gems and add mark as read functionality to Mailboxer

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How to Upgrade to Turbolinks 5

Learn how to upgrade your Turbolinks 2.5 or 3.0 app to the newest Turbolinks 5

Mitigating Spammers with Recaptcha

Learn how to integrate Google's Recaptcha API into your forms and registration process with Rails

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