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Screencasts for intermediate Ruby on Rails developers.

Video lessons to learn how to be a better developer.

Deploying Sidekiq To Heroku

Learn how to deploy Sidekiq to production with Heroku

Pro Episode

How to Deploy ActionCable and Rails 5 To Production

Learn how to deploy ActionCable and Rails 5 with Passenger

Deploying To Production on Heroku with Puma

An introduction to the Puma webserver and how to deploy your application to Heroku

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A Ruby microservice to generate tweet quote images for sharing on social media like Twitter and Facebook

Sharing Data With Javascript

Learn how to share data between Rails and Javascript without using AJAX

Metaprogramming Virtual Attributes

Learn the basics of metaprogramming by creating some Rails 5 code on your own

Pro Episode

Virtual Attributes And Rails 5 Attribute API

Learn how you can use virtual attributes to make forms cleaner and how the Rails 5 attribute API can save you a bunch of time

Integrating Braintree (and PayPal)

Learn how to accept payments with Braintree, PayPal, Venmo, and Coinbase in Rails

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In-App Navbar Notifications

Learn how to add in-app notifications like Facebook and Twitter

Background Workers with ActiveJob and Sidekiq

Learn how to add background workers to your Rails app using ActiveJob and powering it with Sidekiq

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