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Fill in Stripe Elements JS for SCA / 3D Secure 2 and Capybara Discussion
Hello Chris, I have followed your course on Stripe and i'm stuck one complete_stripe_sca step. The problem is the test does not go beyond that. It keeps on waiting. fill_stripe_elemen...
Ahmad hamza posted

Rails has_one, belongs_to, join_table and nested form
I'm creating a User, Role and UserRole. A user can create a list of roles, and from the new user form, there is a nested form which populate a list of roles created, then the user able to select a ...
Lee Terng Gio posted

Why this error ? how I fix this.
From the code, most likely that patient does not have an address. Have you tried using byebug or pry to take a look?
sheng replied

Setup MacOS 10.15 Catalina Discussion
For all having a problem permissions denied or cannot run a server, make sure you have `sudo` with command
Sterli Snax replied

How to use Uppy with ActiveStorage Discussion
**Excellent episode Chris! **But then again, you always rock. I was able to implement this and change to Shrine quite easily. It also solved my multiple forms per page issue. ***Quick question: ...
Paul Hanson replied

best gem for Grid & Filter?
What's best used for displaying a DataGrid and a Form with Filter Fields/Dropdowns etc. ? Best Regards - stay healthy! Andreas
Andreas Ulrich posted

How to use the Pay gem to accept Payments in Rails Discussion
Hi - When I call current_user.subscribe, it returns "NameError (uninitialized constant Stripe::PaymentMethod)". I've looked through the gem source files, and I don't see why I am receiving this err...
Clay replied

Sorting Images using Active Storage
Sorry everyone. I didn't see your replies. IF you're still interested I can probably put something together.
Tony Serkis replied

simple_calendar gem AJAX Drop-down list for Month/Years
Alright, I'll give it a test run and post code if any isues surface. Best
Darion Wood replied

Select Or Create Field With Selectize.js Discussion
for those of you loveing this but pulling your hair out as to why your modal will not close and you hit errors ``` $(document).on("turbolinks:load", function() { var selectizeCallback = nu...
Jeremy Bray replied

Action mailer rails 6
I'm having the same problem in Rails 6.0.2. After generating a mailer UserMailer, running it in console results the following: ``` irb(main):001:0> UserMailer Traceback (most recent call la...
James Devereux replied

Realtime Online User Tracking with ActionCable Discussion
How would you limit those users by tenant ( account)? Would you make the data sent to redis an array of two integers, like [1, 2] where 1 is the and 2 is the Or is there a simpl...
Matt Bjornson posted

How to install Tailwind CSS using Webpacker with Rails Discussion
I think you need to add the `--full` option: ``` yarn tailwind init app/javascript/css/tailwind.js --full ```
Albert Jankowski replied

Ruby combinations with ruleset ?
Hey iam trying to figure out how i could limit my combinations of objects. **My problem:** I want to generate x teams with the most "point" outcome of 432 players, max team size is 7 players. E...
punkt1 posted

Amazon Cloudfront CDN for Rails Asset Pipeline & Webpacker Discussion
I have issues with my loading my fonts, what do I do? (index):1 Access to font at '
Emir Ibrahimbegovic replied

How do I deploy Spree Commerce to Heroku?
Thanks Sheng. This is very helpful.
wairaguedd replied

User Referral Program From Scratch Discussion
Only one referrer will get credit, typically that's the last referrer. That's how basically all referral programs work.
Chris Oliver replied

Setup Windows 10 Discussion
I believe `curl -sL | sudo -E bash -` should be changed for `curl -sL | sudo -E bash -`
sebar replied

Setup Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Discussion
I believe the instructions for installing postgres 11 are outdated; I had to manually create a pgdg.list file as per official site instructions. Similarly, before creating my username I had to star...
sebar replied

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