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How to create a Rails Web application which consume its data from an API using JSON API Specification
Rails • Asked by Kelvin Firmino
Hi, good afternoon. Chris, I ahve noticed that there are companies asking for consuming an API using JSON API Specification where I should consume its data and create a front-end with Rails to s...

Modern Webpack template on Rails 5.1
Rails • Asked by Jiri Prochazka
I have downloaded this [Adminator template](, which is modern npm/yarn Webpack theme. As stated in the template's homepage, install instruction...

How to access a webpage and get its content
Rails • Asked by Kelvin Firmino
Hi, good afternoon. Chirs, I would like to access a website and get its content from its page to create a database with this information. It is about a game so, it is a common information tha...

Looking for Rails work? / Hiring Rails developers?
General • Asked by Chris Oliver
Similar to the Hacker News thread, I thought we might start up a thread for anyone looking to hire a Ruby / Rails freelancer or if you're a freelancer looking for work. *Please lead with either ...

How much is the cost to get a web design company to build me something I need with Ruby rails?
General • Asked by Everett Clayton
Hi guys, so I am basically running a small business and I need a web application built with ruby on rails. I heard it is a pretty good framework, but I don't know how much the cost is for this. I w...

How do I install ruby on rails / RVM on SUSE Enterprise
Rails • Asked by Marcel Müller
We are trying to install the single user RVM of ruby on rails on a SUSE enterprise machine. Unfortunately we are encountering problems. According to we prepared a sing...

Learn what is Redis and how to use it with Rails
Rails • Asked by Kelvin Firmino
Hi, I have seeing a lot company asking for using this Redis as cache with Rails. I suppose it would be good learn about it.

has_many through association with collection_check_boxes question not working at create action (kinda)
Rails • Asked by DC
Testing has_many through association, I want to do that Product has many Category, and Product has many Certificate. Both associations are two-way, and the setups of them, as below, are pretty muc...

Webpacker requires Node.js >= 6.0.0 and you are using 0.10.30
General • Asked by Simon Cooper
I've got into bit of a mess. Posted this over on SO too, but no answers of use over there. I've added Webpacked so I can install React.js. However, I think I've somehow buggered up my PATH and ...

Active Storage (Rails 5.2) vs Shrine
Rails • Asked by Nicolás Bobb
In the aplication, users have to upload files, I plan to use Amazon S3. Do you recommend using Rails 5.2 Active Storage, or using the Gem Shrine as explained in Gorails? What do you recommend?

RSpec testing session controller
Rails • Asked by Alexander Atanasov
Hello everyone. I`m a very new in ROR and RSpec. I have a question for my session controller and session_controller_spec. This is my a controller: ``` def create admin = Admin.find_...

How to deploy rails on IIS or on Xammp with Apache?
Rails • Asked by Mahmoud Sayed
I have **Windows Server R2 2012**, I need to deploy rails app on it. I want to run rails app on either IIS or on Xammp with apache. I tried many solutions posted on the internet but none of them ...

Multitenancy with custom domain names
Rails • Asked by Brent C
We have a multitenant application with custom subdomains using a wildcard SSL on Heroku. While this has been great for our clients they are now requesting the ability to add their own domain names....

Create dynamic table for existing resource
Tips • Asked by Simon Cooper
Hello. I have an existing RoR site, and I've added a new resource that will allow users to add different coffee roasts. On the resulting table, I'd like users to be able to filter the restults ...

accepts_nested_attributes_for and :reject_if
Rails • Asked by Bartosz Michalak
Hello everybody! I have problem with nested attributes:. My model: ``` class MainTransactionElement < ApplicationRecord has_one :external_source accepts_nested_attributes_for :external_...

Why my rails production server reaches to 100% CPU usage and making app to be unresponsive?
Servers • Asked by Srinivasa Varma
Hi My rails app production server CPU usage sometimes reaches to 100% and making app to be unresponsive. We are using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS server and configured Rails app along with Nginx and pas...

Logger.debug to output command line results
Rails • Asked by Anand Padia
I have an application where we have multiple domains mapped to same server and we need to create letsencrypt certificate for each of these domains. Along with this we need to create nginx files to ...

How do i subscribe to a chatroom which i recieve through the user channel
Javascript • Asked by jillis stada
How do i subscribe to a chatroom which i recieve through the user channel whithout subscribing to all chatrooms. received: (data) -> chatroom_list = $("[data-behavior='chatrooms']") # ...

Why rails is not using msgpack?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Anand Padia
I was trying to find a way to get better performance out on our solution and I thought that there is a possibility to ge data rendered in smaller bits than json. My research lead me to this article...

Rails exceptions from reserved keywords
Rails • Asked by Simon Fisher
I keep bumping into exception errors that I believe are due to conflicts from reserved keywords. For example, I have a permit model with the attribute "gross_value." When my view tries to retrie...