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Uploading a file from remote url using shrine?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Roy Zinn

Hi, I need to upload a remote file to my S3 bucket (e.g., I get a link to a pdf e-ticket and I need to upload it from its location). In addition (as a bonus) what's the best way to allow users to ...

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How do I create a Zapier integration with a rails app?

Rails • Asked by Chris Collinsworth

I've read a lot about this and I understand that it involves REST webhooks, but I'm struggling to get it to actual work. I'm not sure how to actually get my app to tell Zapier that something has be...

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Forum Series episodes ... no method error: undefined method

Rails • Asked by Miguel

I've been following along the Forum series of episodes, when I try to submit a forum post, I get an error. It seems that the controller has trouble assigning the user id to the current user. I thou...

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Extending Rails flash

Rails • Asked by Jiri Prochazka

I have in *app/lib/action_dispatch/flash/flash_hash.rb* file this code: class ActionDispatch::Flash::FlashHash def my_method #... end end but when I call it in...

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How to display multi-day events in SimpleCalendar?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Alan Kirk

Hi there, Not sure if i've missed something, but i'm not able to get multi-day events to show over the date range using SimpleCalendar. From what I've read on the Gem homepage, I've passed in...

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Add Students to a class in a HABTM relationship !

Rails • Asked by John Sanderbeck

I have an app designed that I have classrooms and I want to "enroll" students in the class en mass. For example I want to be able to search by name and either add by an enroll or add button or a c...

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Multiple Devise Users sharing a dashboard

Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer

Hi, I have currently two Devise models Company and Contractor. When they sign in I want to redirect them to a dashboard page. At the moment I have a before_action on the dashboard controller ...

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Rails 5.0 - How to implement in-place editing without using best_in_place gem

Rails • Asked by Mike Whitehead

I'm building an Events site using RoR which I've just upgraded to v5.0.1 (not moving to 5.1 just yet). My events show page has a comments section at the foot of the page which, so far, only has a c...

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Advice on building a 'reports' feature

General • Asked by Jay Killeen

My Ruby on Rails enterprise app has a whole range of tables ranging such as customers, products, sales, warehouses, prices etc etc. I'd like to build a whole range of different reports that user...

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rails5 + heroku + cloudfront + fonts

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Szilard Magyar

I tried to configure a rails5 app (deployed on heroku) with cloudfront for assets and fonts. I could make it work for the assets, then I tried to add the config for the fonts as well, but I just sc...

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Two Forms/Two Controllers/One Page: Passing Instance Variables, Routing, and Error Handling

Rails • Asked by Michael Becco

So... I'm having a higher level conceptual gap on how to deal with a scenario in which a form errs out on a page that has two forms relating to two different controllers. My first knowledge g...

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Colorbox & Turbolinks load

Javascript • Asked by Thomas M

Hello, Rails 5.1.0 & Turbolinks5 & Jquery3.1.2 here I'm trying to make jQuery Colorbox works with dynamicly loaded elements (using ActionCable) with no luck. With the implementation below,...

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Getting googlemaps javascript and turbo links working together

Javascript • Asked by Chris Rockwell

Hey Chris - been struggling with this off and on for a bit now. Just trying to add basic google maps using the javascript API (not the gems) to a rails 4.2 app and am having all of the various is...

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Dynamic select boxes - like railscast 88 - but it ain't working

Rails • Asked by Aaron Taddiken

I am trying to scope a form selection list to from another select box selection. The select box groups the options correctly in the dropdown. Everything checks out in the console but it still does ...

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2 sites... 1 DB?

Rails • Asked by Alan Reid

Hello all! It's been a while since i was here, but i am back! So today I would like to get some opinions on a project I am working on. So here we go... What would be the best way to architect...

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How to upload multiple file inputs in rails production?

Rails • Asked by Srinivasa Varma

Hi there, I'm trying to upload multiple file inputs from single form. The form is working fine in development, but in production the form showing that redirecting for long time and returns nothi...

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How to i implement adobe e sign in rails 5?

Rails • Asked by naveen kumar

Echochamber is not up to date and also not working , i have found the working python app, should i use python to process the document , help me guys.

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Use different repositories for frontend and backend?

General • Asked by Lykourgos Tsirikos

I'd like to ask a question. Lets say we have a web app that uses Rails api on the backend and Ember on the front end. The folder structure I guess would look like this: ``` my-app - backend...

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EAV Rails way?

Rails • Asked by Anand Padia

Hi Team, I was trying to explore possibility of using EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) pattern in our application. We are a ecommerce solution and would need Product variants to be captured, I did s...

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integrating analytics

General • Asked by Szilard Magyar

Hi Chris! I see GoRails is using for analytics. Could you recommend me a good resource on integrating segment with GA and mixpanel? There are too many approaches like javascript versi...