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Vue + Webpacker: app works in development but doesn't mount template in production - blank screen with no errors in console!
Javascript • Asked by TL
I'm using Rails 5.2.0 and Webpacker gem to deploy a Vue application.The show.html.erb file is very simple:<div data-behavior="vue-app"><MyComponent></MyComponent></div>And t...

Any Javascript wizards open a one off job fixing upgrading webpack and fixing upgrading page performance on an e-commerce app?
Javascript • Asked by Andrew Scott
Pretty much says it all in the email. Legacy code, JS is a nightmare and in urgent need of an upgrade. Rates are flexible. Email me if interested: [email protected] or im askl56 on GR Slack

Just want to change button text on-click. Coffeescript not making any sense to me.
Javascript • Asked by NicWickman
Hey guys, trying to do a pretty simple thing but all the information I can find online (for "beginners") seems to omit some core things I'm expected to know, because it doesn't even do so much as t...

Issues with JQuery AtWho
Javascript • Asked by Darion Wood
Hello, I enjoyed your screencast on implementing the @ functionality for user interactions. What I'm trying to figure out is how to handle the index.json.jbuilder when using devise jQuery -> ...

Thoughts on the best way to upload images via Vuejs front end with Rails 5.2 API backend
Javascript • Asked by Simon Cooper
I have an app I've just updated to Rails 5.2 and migrated away from Paperclip for image uploads to S3 to the new ActiveStorage feature.  I am able to display some uploaded photos I did with the htm...

Suggestion: A 'Testing Vue components in Rails' episode
Javascript • Asked by Adam Wenham
Alternativel you can just answer here "How would you test a Vue component in Rails?"Loving the Vue vids so far, but it would be great to hear your thoughts on testing the front end. Would this be a...

How to render ssh output
Javascript • Asked by Quentin Robinson
Might be a basic question, but I can't seem to find any good info elsewhere. Hatchbox has an awesome feature that shows ssh output during deployments and I have a couple of projects that I'd like t...

Issue with inline-form from stimulus twitter example
Javascript • Asked by spacerobotTR
I have a rails 5.1 app that I am working the stimulus twitter example into. Instead of tweets they are going to be comments. The comments are linked to servicerequests. So on the servicerequest/sho...

How can I stop/minimise VueJS components from being invisible on page load for a split second before appearing?
Javascript • Asked by Adam Wenham
I'm using standard Rails views (rather than an API) with quite a lot of Vue components - but on page load, all of my those components are not rendered for a split second. They then all blink into e...

How do I embed an internal routes/show page on to an external website?
Javascript • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
Hey all, I've seen websites where you place some Javascript code - and they are able to display information from another website on their website. Wondering how I can do the same? I have a