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Do I need rails-ujs and jquery_ujs?
Javascript Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
I'm bulding a rails 5.1.x app so no jQuery, but I'm usining Bootstrap so I added it in. I was adding in `//= require jquery` and `//= require jquery_ujs`, then noticed that rails 5.1 now ships w...

Rails5 + JQuery progress bar not functioning
Javascript Solved • Asked by Neil Patel
Implementing a JQuery progress bar so when you scroll down it should show a green bar across the top. When I start scrolling the progress bar does not appear. I use inspect element on the bar div c...

How do I use .vue (single file componenets) with rails 5.1 and webpack?
Javascript • Asked by Chris Collinsworth
I've been struggling with this for several days now and I can't get the component to render any data. ``` <template> <h1>{{ greeting }} World!</h1> </template> <script> module.export ...

How do I get redirect to view after create action using Vue.js
Javascript • Asked by Tabish Iqbal
Out of interest, have a weird issue. Trying to do a redirect after create. The record is being created just fine, but get a 500 error on the redirect? Using an ajax call using Vue-resource. Below...

Javascript • Asked by Antonio F.
Hello, You can enter other content into "Ember js". Regards

How do I perform a Search without page reload (I think I need Angular/Turbolinks)
Javascript • Asked by Logan Houston
Hi Everyone, I am trying to make my app a SPA app, and accomplish most of this with erb templates, which I know is not ideal, but it works for now. I need help with performing a search and ...

How to build options on select tag with VueJS?
Javascript Solved • Asked by Dmitry Amelchenko
For example, let's move to episode "using VueJS for Nested Forms in Rails" and adding model called Position, which association with a Player (belongs_to). And how to implement select tag for choos...

Colorbox & Turbolinks load
Javascript • Asked by Thomas M
Hello, Rails 5.1.0 & Turbolinks5 & Jquery3.1.2 here I'm trying to make jQuery Colorbox works with dynamicly loaded elements (using ActionCable) with no luck. With the implementation below,...

Getting googlemaps javascript and turbo links working together
Javascript • Asked by Chris Rockwell
Hey Chris - been struggling with this off and on for a bit now. Just trying to add basic google maps using the javascript API (not the gems) to a rails 4.2 app and am having all of the various is...

Turbolinks and jQuery compatibility on Rails 5
Javascript Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
I have a hidden field that's activated when clicked on the link using jQuery. When clicking on the link, the field appears just for a second and then disappears. ```javascript $('.use-diff...