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Colorbox & Turbolinks load

Javascript • Asked by Thomas M

Hello, Rails 5.1.0 & Turbolinks5 & Jquery3.1.2 here I'm trying to make jQuery Colorbox works with dynamicly loaded elements (using ActionCable) with no luck. With the implementation below,...

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Getting googlemaps javascript and turbo links working together

Javascript • Asked by Chris Rockwell

Hey Chris - been struggling with this off and on for a bit now. Just trying to add basic google maps using the javascript API (not the gems) to a rails 4.2 app and am having all of the various is...

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Turbolinks and jQuery compatibility on Rails 5

Javascript • Asked by Lauro Silva

I have a hidden field that's activated when clicked on the link using jQuery. When clicking on the link, the field appears just for a second and then disappears. ```javascript $('.use-diff...

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Is possible to check boolean value by JS?

Javascript • Asked by Dmitry Amelchenko

In Rails 4 app i need to implement bootstrap modal when user comes for first time and accept the terms. I'm trying to do something like this: **application.html.haml** ``` ... = content_tag :b...

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simple mde duplicates

Javascript • Asked by Talib Guyani

hi, i followed your tutorial but still simple mde is been diplicated am using rails 5 ``` var simplemde; simplemde = null; $(document).on('ready turbolinks:before-visit', function() { ...

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Building out a mini-framework with CoffeeScript

Javascript • Asked by Daniel LeGrand

A portion of the application I'm working on has a comments page with a form at top to add new comments and a list of comments beneath it. I've been working on using CoffeeScript classes to represe...

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From the active cable chatroom series how to I fix the size of the chatroom and scroll

Javascript • Asked by John A. Cogan

I have implemented the chatroom but I want the chatroom area to be fixed and for the user to be able to scroll back through the messages. How can I add scrolling? I have tried added it to the pane...

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After I submit(click) the form(submit input tag), the submit tag become disabled, how can I avoid this?

Javascript • Asked by Larry Qu

The purpose is add product to cart, target is blank. After I submit(click) the form(submit input tag), the submit tag become disabled, how can I avoid this? I need it is always enabled for cli...

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Anyone with experience using Quilljs?

Javascript • Asked by Stéphane Paquet

Hi, I'm lloking forward using in a project and wonder if anyone can share his/her experience with such text editor. Related gems are looking pretty outdated (I'm using Rail...

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ReactJS with Rails

Javascript • Asked by Tony Brown

I'd love to see a series on a **_real world_** app using **ReactJS** with Rails API.