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How do i subscribe to a chatroom which i recieve through the user channel
Javascript • Asked by jillis stada
How do i subscribe to a chatroom which i recieve through the user channel whithout subscribing to all chatrooms. received: (data) -> chatroom_list = $("[data-behavior='chatrooms']") # ...

Do I need rails-ujs and jquery_ujs?
Javascript Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
I'm bulding a rails 5.1.x app so no jQuery, but I'm usining Bootstrap so I added it in. I was adding in `//= require jquery` and `//= require jquery_ujs`, then noticed that rails 5.1 now ships w...

How add Push Api notification with Chatroom?
Javascript • Asked by Nikola Okonesh
How add Push Api notification with Chatrooms? Thanks!

How do I deploy to staging or production environments the stack Vue+Rails
Javascript • Asked by Raimon Fernandez Sirera
When I deploy an application using webpacker + vue + rails, and the template of the main component is on the rails view I get a vue error regarding security. Error: ``` [Vue warn]: It seems yo...

Anyone with experience using Quilljs?
Javascript Solved • Asked by Stéphane Paquet
Hi, I'm lloking forward using in a project and wonder if anyone can share his/her experience with such text editor. Related gems are looking pretty outdated (I'm using Rail...

update a model attribute with ujs
Javascript • Asked by Joel
i have a page that displays games(model) with a select box for the game result outcome. Game model `has_one :result, autosave: true` and I have a unique id for each row in the table based on the ...

Bootstrap Modal with Date Picker, what am I doing wrong?
Javascript Solved • Asked by James
I have a Rails 5.1 app with bootstrap 4. I have bootstrap-datepicker throughout my application and it works perfectly or at least as expected. However whenever I try to use it within a modal it w...

Vue: share the same bootstrap across multiple files
Javascript • Asked by CuamckuyKot
Hi, guys! I'm tired to copy-paste the same piece across multiple files. ``` import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.js' import VueResource from 'vue-resource' import TurbolinksAdapter from 'vue-turbo...

ReactJS with Rails
Javascript • Asked by Tony Brown
I'd love to see a series on a **_real world_** app using **ReactJS** with Rails API.