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How do I render a (Stimulus) modal without user interaction?

Jeff Helman asked in Javascript

When a data value in my view meets certain criteria (e.g.: "< 0"), I want to render a modal (which is configured using Stimulus).

I know this is a noobish question, but I'm not finding obvious answers in my Googling/SO spelunking.


The easiest solution is to add a data map object to the controller element, eg. <div data-controller="modal" data-modal-preload="true"></div>. Based on your criteria you can either add "true" of false (or null)" there, eg data-modal-preload="<%= x < 0 ? true : false %>".

Then within your modal controller's connect(), check for this value to be set and true, if so fire the function that opens/shows your modal, eg. if ("preload") &&"preload") == "true") { }.


Many thanks, Eelco!

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