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Method returns true in a rails app controller, but returns false in resque worker when File.exists?
Rails • Asked by SarikaA
I want to pass the path this to a resque worker which will act upon this file. This worker is unable to find this file and the File.exists? Return a false even though the same method returns true i...

Iam desperately trying to deploy my App with Capistrano but it isnt working
Rails • Asked by Sebastian
Hey Folks, I have always received great help here, so I hope that it will work out this time so shortly before the end. I would like to deploy my app on my server and use capistrano. However, I...

Missing `secret_key_base` for 'development' environment, set this value in `config/secrets.yml`
Rails • Asked by CodeParody
Hi, im newie with Ruby and Rail. Right now im following Book Two from Daniel Kehoe. I stucked with SECRET_KEY_BASE. Ruby -v : **2.4.1** Rails -v: **5.1.6** After I restart Puma: Pum...

Devise authentication and API
Rails • Asked by Alex Musayev
I'm working on JSON REST API for an existing Rails application. Authentication is currently implemented with Devise. What could be potential pros and cons of using cookie-based user sessions for AP...

How do I query a model with a value less than
Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer
I have a Lesson model that has an order field of type integer. What i want to do is find the previous lesson. Lesson.where("order < ?" , 8) This causes the following error. Any help ...

How i can reuse one rails webapp as a API?
Rails • Asked by Miguel Rios R
Hi, i build a rails application but i need reuse this app to create a API to use this as a backend for a IOS Application, this is posible? Thanks for yours comments.

Shrine::Error: storage :cache isn't registered on FileUploader
Rails Solved • Asked by Ashutosh Mittal
Im using Mongoid 6.0.3, ruby 2.3.1 and rails 5.2 I created a file_uploader class for handling my uploads using shrine. > > /app/uploaders/file_uploader.rb ``` class FileUploader < S...

Can a Rails app be converted into a Progressive Web App?
Rails • Asked by soranomics
I was looking for a way to create a mobile client for my Rails App / API. I came upon PWAs but I couldn't find any info on how to use it for Rails. Is it possible?

Alternative solution for belongs_to through
Rails • Asked by Ravikumar
What is the alternative solution for belongs_to :through in association

Need to do cascading select lists in Rails 5
Rails • Asked by Simon P
Hi Struggling with this one.... Quite a few articles around but most quite old, really would like to use Stimulus but I cant find any pointers. Have a locations Select. One a selection ...