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Active Storage (Rails 5.2) vs Shrine
Rails • Asked by Nicolás Bobb
In the aplication, users have to upload files, I plan to use Amazon S3. Do you recommend using Rails 5.2 Active Storage, or using the Gem Shrine as explained in Gorails? What do you recommend?

Need a Best CMS for Rails App Landing page
Rails • Asked by Ali Ahmed
Hello Guys, I am trying to have a CMS in my rails app that should be very easy to implement and very flexible so that site users can do messing with the content/styling of different pages. I did...

Using date_select only save the month into my DB
Rails • Asked by Simon P
Hi I have this code which shows a dropdownlist on the page showing just the month in words, e.g. December. ``` ``` I would like to save just the month into my database but inste...

Why am I not getting any data inside the dropdown in browser?
Rails • Asked by Rajnish Singh
My Controller has following code `@select = Store.find(current_user.store_id)` My View has: ``` '--Select Item--'}, { :class => 'form-control' } %> 'btn btn-sm btn-primary m-t-n-xs' ...

Method returns true in a rails app controller, but returns false in resque worker when File.exists?
Rails • Asked by SarikaA
I want to pass the path this to a resque worker which will act upon this file. This worker is unable to find this file and the File.exists? Return a false even though the same method returns true i...

How do I set and use a default image with active storage?
Rails • Asked by Ryan Carter
If the User does not upload an image using active storage, how do I set a default image for that record?

How to change Boolean Value on specific date.
Rails Solved • Asked by Jeff Wolfram
I am looking to change a boolean value on a specific date automatically. How would I do that. For example, it I have a post and would like it to publish automatically in two days at 8am. Would wo...

Turbolinks Not Playing Nicely With Cocoon and Stripe
Rails • Asked by Steve Polito
# Problem I am getting the following console error on a form using `cocoon`. However, on page refresh the error is gone and the form works. ``` Failed to execute 'postMessage'...

Notify users PDF creation is ready and can be downloaded
Rails • Asked by John van Arkelen
Users can create a PDF in my app which takes some time to generate, so it has to be done in a background job. No problem, but then there is a delay and the user must be notified that the PDF is rea...

How do I implement nested comments
Rails • Asked by TL
I'm looking for a tutorial on how to implement nested comments in my project. The requirements are that the comments must be editable and deletable by owner as well. As a plus, we plan on using `ac...