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How do I use easyautocomplete in rails 6?
Rails • Asked by Christopher
I tried adding it with yarn and through rails assets but nothings seems to work.

How to Upload Files Directly To S3 Using Paperclip And Dropzone.js
Rails • Asked by James Derryl
[How to Upload Files Directly To S3 Using Paperclip And Dropzone.js](

How to post remote action and no redirect? ActionCable Series
Rails • Asked by BrandonKlotz
Trying to submit a form that has a create action in another controller but does not redirect to or render the page (just stay on the page). Error: ``` MessagesController#create is missing a te...

Refactoring controllers to keep them RESTful
Rails Solved • Asked by Nino Rosella
Hi gang I have a feature where a user can query the Google Books API with an ISBN number and get the book as a response. I have this all working nicely, but I'd like to refactor my `Books` contr...

how do i mount a full Vue template into my rails app
Rails • Asked by oomis
I'm preparing for a hackaton and my teammate built a Vue app for the frontend. I've installed rails and vue webpack, and Vue is working well. But I don't know how to incorporate the Vue fronten...

Adding an inline style to a Datetime_select field in simple_form
Rails • Asked by Lee Sheppard
How do I add an inline style to a Datetime_select field in simple_form? What I would like to have worked (this is in Slim): `= f.datetime_select :published_at, style="width:auto;"` but this ...

How do I find a records based on contents of a has_many :through join?
Rails Solved • Asked by Peter Marcano
I think I've been at this problem for too long and the obvious answer has evaded me. Say you have students, classes (klass for ruby's sake), and enrollements as the join between them. ```ruby...

Sorting Images using Active Storage
Rails • Asked by Tony Serkis
I'm experimenting with Active Storage to manage images. I got the multiple uploads working, but I want to use acts_as_list position with jQuery sortable to manage their order using ajax, like in [t...

rails 4.2.8 - stylesheet_link_tag throws ActionView::Template::Error: no implicit conversion of nil into String
Rails • Asked by Widu Wittekindt
I'm trying to update a rails app which runs totally fine if I use rails 4.2.4 (the version it's been developed on) upto rails 4.2.7 As soon as I switch to rails 4.2.8 or later (tested all ve...

Active Storage - Bulk importing files stored locally
Rails • Asked by Steven Little
Hi Chris, I am adding active storage file uploading as a new feature to an existing Rails application. I have at least a couple of thousand PDF files with a standard naming format that looks like ...

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