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How do I route to the proper controller from the Bootstrap navbar?
Rails • Asked by Rodolphe Geant
Dear All, My name is Rodolphe, I am a new member of Go Rails. I've fell I love with Rails a year ago! but gosh I so struggle sometimes to comprehend what I'm doing :( . Anyway here is my questi...

What type of association should I choose...I'm lost in the woods.
Rails • Asked by Charles Smith
I cannot for the life of me figure out the best model association to choose and I've thought myself into a corner. I'm building a site for a client that offers party services for four(4) locations...

How do I Update a child object, while Creating a Parent object with Fields_for
Rails • Asked by Logan Houston
I currently am creating an object with jQuery file upload, and than inserting a fields_for into the form with the new object. However, I am unable to update the existing object while creating t...

An issue with uploading to S3 with jquery file upload
Rails • Asked by Taro Singh
Hey guys, this is driving me crazy. I'm pretty new to rails and I have been following the shrine & S3 videos using the cloud based ide c9. I got basic direct uploads to work flawlessly, but when I ...

Which is the simplest way to add ES6 to a Rails 5.1 app?
Rails • Asked by Francesco Mari
Hi! As of Rails 5.1.4, which is the most simple way to use ES6 in a Rails application?

Embed Youtube video in Rails app
Rails Solved • Asked by Markus
Hello. How is possible to embed an existing video an show it in a page with rails? I followed this guide with yt gem: So now I can pos...

How do I create a virtual balance model in Rails?
Rails • Asked by Rohan Mayya
This is for a game application I'm creating. I have a user model, a stock model and a UserStock join table for the previous two models. User was created with devise. I intend to attach a certain b...

Database Relationship Structure (has_one and has_many together)
Rails • Asked by Warren
Hey Guys, So I have a bit of a headscratcher here. I have a rails app which needs two relationships to what is the same table. Basically, I have a Profile model. On that model I want to have...

Display collection_check_box for Has_and_belongs_to_many association
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
Hi, I want to display a list of check boxes, below is my code, ``` <%= f.collection_check_boxes :job_ids,, :id, :job_name do |b| %> <div class="collection-c...

Rails associations
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
I'm create a Ruby on Rails web application. I have 4 models, which are User, Job, Candidate, ApplyingJob. User is the one who will be using the web application and the user can create Job and Candi...