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Attach image to summernote and send email
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
I recently implement email in my rails app. I'm using summernote to create email templates and save it. Everything works fine. I can upload image to the editor and save it to database. But when I s...

How do I add a /user.json file using devise?
Rails • Asked by Jake Yeaton
I'm trying to complete the episode 78 "@mentions, autocomplete, notifications, and links" but I'm using Devise. The part I'm stuck on is I can't figure out how to fill in the /users.json section on...

Using webpacker in Rails Engines?
Rails • Asked by Johan André
I'm making a pluggable CMS engine and want to keep the JS/CSS (preferably by writing Tailwind components) in the engine. It works great with models, controllers, routes and the asset pipeline, but ...

Upload image and send email without saving to the database
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
I recently tried to implement summernote to my rails app. I can send email and everything works fine. But I want to upload image and send the email, but the email received shows that the image was ...

Form errors not displaying
Rails Solved • Asked by RJ McCollam
In my model for users I am validating the presence of a number of attributes using:validates_presence_of :parent_1_first_name, :parent_1_last_name...The beginning of my form object looks like this:...

Running multiple Rails versions
Rails Solved • Asked by Jiri Prochazka
Hi guys (and ladies if any), I have installed Rails with rbenv (recommended), but now because of significant changes between 5.0.1 and 5.1 versions, I want to start a new project with 5.1 (becau...

How do I display related or similar Ads by currency on the Ad show page?
Rails Solved • Asked by Charlie Kay
Hi Chris I need your help on this please.  I'm trying to display related Ads on the Ad show page by currency. But somehow  my script displays the same Ad in multiples of related Ads and not showing...

I18n access ".title" key with view context in layout
Rails • Asked by Nicolas Brousse
Hi!I try to create a small view helper to manage content for `<title>`.module ApplicationHelper def page_title(options = {}) app_name = Rails.application.class.to_s.split("::").first ...

file uploads in nested forms with Vuejs and Rails
Rails • Asked by Aman DeMan
Hi all,I have a Projects model which has many files and categories. So on my view, I would have a nested form where user can upload as many files and also associate as many categories when creating...

rendering issue
Rails Solved • Asked by Matthew J Martin
OK, so I fairly new at rails, but i'm at the point where i feel confidence enough to start making my own side project which i decide would be a clone of facebook in rails. first i'm working on is g...