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Searchkick Aggregations - Need to show Users only from Current.account
Rails • Asked by Bruno Steinmann
My App uses Current.account from ActiveSupport and i need to show only Users (for filtering) who belongs to the Current.account. The following Setup for Search Filters with Aggregations (searchk...

Model/concerns question
Rails • Asked by Dave Castellano
Hi. I am learning ROR on my own (no formal programming trainng) so this may be a question with an obvious answer but i'm stuck and the answer will help me understand how to call concerns. I have ...

Display non-image attachments with Trix/action_text
Rails • Asked by Nelson Casanova
I've got the barebones functionality of Trix working ok... The editor displays ok and text and images display as expected. But when I drag and drop a PDF (for example) I can see in the editor a sma...

How do I set and use a default image with active storage?
Rails • Asked by Ryan Carter
If the User does not upload an image using active storage, how do I set a default image for that record?

How to send Webhook?
Rails Solved • Asked by Andre Zimpel
I'm building a content management service which needs to send a webhook everytime the user saves a record. What's a best practice to send webhooks in a rails app? A LOT of tutorials are about re...

How do i track or list online users with rails?
Rails • Asked by 3DWaffle
How can i track or list online users in rails?

Looking for a secure place to store scanned tax forms
Rails • Asked by Jeff Wolfram
I am looking for something like Cloudinary that I can store w-9s that would be filled out by contractors. They get scanned and need to be stored for access at the end of the year. Do you think clou...

Active Storage and Subdomains
Rails Solved • Asked by Ted Martin
I have a simple app for photos and wanted to make it a subdomain of a domain I own and use. It would be This seems to break active storage however. Has anyone else ran into a sim...

Hatchbox deployment questions
Rails • Asked by Alex Deering
Im launching my app and using your Hatchbox service to help. I was planning on using digitaloceans managed database and wondering how that works with hatchbox and if I need to change anything in m...

Issue when adding Confirmable in Devise - [ArgumentError - wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1)]
Rails • Asked by rajasree
I've been setting up Devise Confirmable for my development environment Rails 5.1.7 app. My initializers/devise.rb looks like: Devise.setup do |config| require 'devise/orm/active_re...

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