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Rails 5.1.5 ( redirect to login but not saving data [omniauth + Devise]
Rails • Asked by Michael Lazuardy
Im Trying to make Oauth using multi model, User and Identity. i setup the one to many Relationship between User and Identity and write some code for each model like thisuser.rbclass User < Appli...

How to generate these episodes applications Scaffold used by Chris?
Rails Solved • Asked by Alisson Patrick
I would like to know if there is any guide that shows how to generate this initial Scaffold of the application (with device, gravatar, bootstrap, all configured to start a new project quickly), lik...

How do I access files on server with a cron or similar ? (outside of app)
Rails • Asked by LinaeAzn
Hi everyone, i'm a bit new to rails and i'm searching for help.I have a rails app where I receive a zipfile on my server (outside of the app, homedir of new FTP user).Then I want to unzip the files...

How do I display dynamic fields from collection and bind data back?
Rails • Asked by gopinath ponnivalavan
I just started working on Ruby on Rails project for maintenance.  I have array of objects and want to display separate section of fields for each object.  They have design to call field factory tha...

Using webpacker in Rails Engines?
Rails • Asked by Johan André
I'm making a pluggable CMS engine and want to keep the JS/CSS (preferably by writing Tailwind components) in the engine. It works great with models, controllers, routes and the asset pipeline, but ...

How to create a user profile with OmniAuth?!
Rails • Asked by Muhammad
Hi guys, I want to build an application where users are going to sign up with just their social media profiles and I don't want to use devise, the application should display user profiles with thei...

Will_paginate problems
Rails • Asked by kaine Wright
Hi ive been building a new web app based on michael hartl tutorial but im having problems with the will_paginate tests. When i load all my users it will display every one of them so of course i add...

Rails bootsnap-compile-cache and other files all of a sudden appears
Rails Solved • Asked by Jacob Hedengren
Hi everyone,I am a bit confused; whether I am using Rails 5.1.4 or upgrading to 5.2.0.rc1 (Ruby version is 2.5.0) a lot of new files have all of a sudden appeared in my apps and I am unsure of the ...

Best Practices on organizing complex business logic
Rails • Asked by Sergio Rodríguez
Hi!  I'm new to the community (so be nice) but I've been developing Rails applications professionally for a while now.  I would like some help from the experienced developers in the community on be...

Why CKeditor is not working in production?!
Rails Solved • Asked by Muhammad
Hi guys, I'm using CK editor in my rails 5 app and when I deoployed it on Digital Ocean and the editor doesn't load with this error in the console. ``` ReferenceError: CKEDITOR is not defined `...