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What are you best recommendations for Ruby on Rails books I should read?
Tips • Asked by Monroe Mann
I am trying to understand Ruby and Rails as best I can. I've purchased a bunch of ruby on rails books, but am wondering if you have any recommendations. Perhaps there are many I haven't yet read ...

cloudflare vs cloudfront vs ?
Tips Solved • Asked by Robert Hopman
Hey Chris, I've many images on S3 with avg size of 30KB per img that take about 1-2 seconds to display. I'm looking at cloudfront & cloudflare to speed this up. Later perhaps imgix, but I se...

Create dynamic table for existing resource
Tips • Asked by Simon Cooper
Hello. I have an existing RoR site, and I've added a new resource that will allow users to add different coffee roasts. On the resulting table, I'd like users to be able to filter the restults ...

How does Chris open NERDTree by default when he runs "mvim ." ?
Tips • Asked by Liam Elliott
When I open a directory with mvim, I don't seem to be getting nerdtree. Instead, I get the regular directory buffer that is styled like nerdtree. When I open a file from this regular tree view, it ...

Where should I start?
Tips Solved • Asked by Kelvin Firmino
Hey, good morning. Chris, I would like to start to learn more about Ruby and Rails. I have a little more than a year programming with them. However, I would like to know which series should I st...

Tips • Asked by Sarah
Rails console: Memoization seems to be a pretty awesome resource.

API design/routing with nested resources
Tips Solved • Asked by Sean Washington
Hey all! I'm just curious, how would you surface the ability to create nested items in an API? Say you have a model `Post` that `has_many observations`. I have my base routes for both Post an...

IBM Watson
Tips • Asked by Patrick Berarducci
ANYONE WITH EXPERIENCE INCORPORATING WATSON INTO A RAILS APP? any resources or tutorials you found helpful? (Sorry caps are acting up)

Live Stream Video w/ Rails
Tips • Asked by Wali Chaudhary
Hey Chris could you do a video on live streaming video with ActionCable or integrating it with an gem? Thanks!

Your biggest aha! moment?
Tips • Asked by Exequiel R.
Basically, what has been your biggest code aha! moment. That time when you understood some concept or mantra that you were familiar with but couldn't wrap your head around. For me, being the noo...