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Anyone had experience with Wasabi Cloud Storage?

Ryan Carter asked in Tips

They claim $4.99 per TB/month with no API calls and Unlimited free egress, Amazon S3 API support, 6x faster than AWS S3, and they work with a couple different CDNs. This seems like a fantastic service, but I have yet to find anyone that is using them or has used them.



Sure promises a lot for very cheap! I'd be curious to hear about how that experience goes.

If it's anything like DigitalOcean Spaces where it's API compatible with S3, then you can just change the host that they're going to.

I covered that a couple times in the past with DO Spaces:

You should then just be able to change the domain / host to point to Wasabi like we do here for Spaces, set the CORS config (if you're doing direct uploads, not needed if you're uploading to Rails and having Rails upload to storage) and be set.


I'm looking at Wasabi for storing our user videos. Their pricing model is very keen but slightly misleading. The 'free egress' definitely has limits. The downloads of your stored files are free as long as the total monthly download bandwidth doesn't exceed your monthly storage volume.

For example, if during a given month you store 1TB of files and the total download bandwidth for those files for the month is less than 1TB you're covered.

If the download bandwidth exceeds 1TB then you're not a good fit for this service and if you exceed on a regular basis they will help you to move to another service.

All this is covered here:

Having said that, it looks like a good fit for us since we store user-customized videos for teaching purposes. Each video is only viewed a few times but we store it forever. This means our monthly download bandwidth is quite slim compared to the storage volume. Currently we store around 3TB but the monthly download bandwidth is in the 200GB range.

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