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Create dynamic table for existing resource

Simon Cooper asked in Tips


I have an existing RoR site, and I've added a new resource that will allow users to add different coffee roasts. On the resulting table, I'd like users to be able to filter the restults based on attributes, (country, dark roast, espresso etc). I have a JSON-API for this. Whilst working out how to do that, I'm thinking I'd like the table to reduce dynamically, without having to reload the entire page. I've drifted towards the idea of having a seperate front-end to do this, but am now overwhelmed with all othe options. Should this be some JavaScript solution like, VueJS or Ember. Is there something in Rails that I can already take advantage of to accomplish this?


Happy New Year!

Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this.


Hello Simon,

Good day..!!!

are you worrying only regarding Front end or back end architecture as well ?



Just front end really Abdul. Basically looking to have the user be able to filter the results without the page reloading.

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