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Capybara is sending HTML format on request instead of JS

Testing • Asked by Zubin Teherani

The feature works perfectly on the browser, however on the tests when Capybara clicks the submit button the request is processed as an HTML: `Processing by SearchController#index as HTML` Inste...

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Workflow for TDD/BDD on Rails ?

Testing • Asked by Lykourgos Tsirikos

Hi, I'd like some feedback if possible about the workflow of TDD/BDD on a Rails app. I was doing a research the whole weekend trying to find some good examples on how to do porperly TDD on my Rails...

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Can someone help explain how to use test_double to mock a gem class in my app?

Testing • Asked by Bill Snapper

Hello, My app uses a gem that goes out to network devices. I want to write some specs that test my classes without going out to the network devices via the gem. I want to use test_double or so...

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RSpec w/capybara vs Mini Test

Testing • Asked by Drilon Buzuku

Hey guys, what are your thoughts on RSpec vs Mini Test. Which one do you use and why? Cheers, Drilon

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Testing Turbolinks 3 partial replacement

Testing • Asked by Patrick Berarducci

Hey Chris (and everyone else) - Have you played around much with Turbolinks 3 partial replacement? (Chris, I wathed your livecoding segment; was great, thanks.) I'm using it with Rails 4.2.5, and...

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Testing your markdown

Testing • Asked by Jay Killeen

I see your markdown tables aren't being rendered as tables. I have the same problem :( Any idea how we get this fixed? | Tables | Are | Cool | | ------------- |:-------------:...