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Failed to Run Localhost because of Run Time Error
I'm getting runtime error whenever I run the localhost. Redis was running but it only loaded the homepage. After about 10 seconds, the server stopped and gave us this error. ``` `__connect_nonblo...
[email protected] posted

Accounts middleware and integration tests?
Hi folks — I'm a big fan of the Accounts Middleware pattern introduced about a year ago in this tutorial: Super powerful....
Dan Charlesworth posted

Access the request object in a helper in a helper test (minitest)
Thanks Chris!
Wout replied Solved

Issues running System Tests due to missing font?
I have written two system tests for my current application and I have now hit a road block. ``` test "visiting the timesheet index without signing in" do visit timesheets_path ass...
Stephen Sizer posted

i18n + Minitest
This is the rails test outputRunning via Spring preloader in process 3754 Started with run options --seed 15709 Run options: --seed 15709--=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---] ...
Lluis Toyos replied

I have an error of the following form and I am unable to point out the error.
Change your class name from `Completed_lesson` to CompletedLessonIts a naming convention in Rails.
John Meehan replied

Check if class was instantiated and instance method was called
I figured out the solution. Here are basic concepts:1. To check if an instance method was called, it is possible to use a mock. For example, Minites::Mock.2. To make sure a piece of code (Executor#...
Alex Musayev replied Solved

Issue with Capybara file uploads testing
Hello! I have issue with uploading files by Capybara Rspec Selenium. Here is more details about it: Please help!
Anton Storchak posted

Ruby on Rails 5.1 & Vue.js 2.4.x – Testing with Karma, Jasmine – How to install? [bounty on stackoverflow]
I updated my Question on [stackoverflow]( and added a **bounty**
Pascal K replied

Struggling with an association test
Thought 1: Sounds like you just need to make sure the role and building are created before the user is. Then, in your model, make sure that the user is associated with a default role and buildi...
John Sanchez replied

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