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Is there a beginners course?

Therrapy asked in Rails

Hi I've searched but I cant find a beginners to rails course, am I being blind? Thanks


Can anyone help?


The Odin Project is a great place to start and if you're willing to pay for it, Michael Hartl's Rails tutorial is also excellent.

There are also loads of free lessons on Go Rails to get you started.


Let's play with us. We can always have great time spider solitaire


As a current beginner/student of rails I'll suggest my current (and 2nd attempt) at Rails:
I Find that most (not all) courses tries to jam in as much Ruby in in an often too short or too intensive block to get to Rails faster.
To avoid that I got a Ruby only course and a course that focuses on Rails.
I am a big fan of video tutorials so I if that's your preferred style I got at udemy (I always buy when they run discounts)

for rails :
for ruby :

I discovered that I also need to learn Web packer, and I got some courses on that, but I haven't had a chance to start them, and I'm not 100% sure they are good, so I'll keep quiet on that end until I have started on any of them.

However, I would say that I've only heard good stuff about the Odin project, and Hartl's a great author, so if that learning style is more your jam, follow Red's links.


Thanks for the advice.


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