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Devise and Turbo-rails

susanSanjhya asked in Rails

I've followed the guide for implementing devise with turbo-rails. It worked for few projects. But, when i tried to implement in new rails 7.0.4 project, the line render rendering_options is throwing NameError (undefined local variables or method 'rendering_options').

Following are gem and system versions.
ruby "3.1.3"
rails ""
@hotwired/turbo-rails "7.2.5".

Thank you in advance


I'm using Rails 7.0.4 and Devise bundled directly from Devise GitHub repo:

gem 'devise', github: 'heartcombo/devise', ref: 'f8d1ea90bc3'

I did multiple things to make it working with Turbo, but I didn't notice the rendering_options issue.
Could you please collaborate more?


Thank you for you kind suggestion.


It's great. I understand your approach already.


thx, good job


Great suggestion.


Search the GitHub repositories or issue trackers for the devise and turbo-rails gems to see if there are any reported compatibility issues or solutions specific to Rails 7.


Great work!!

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