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Front-end frameworks and Turbolinks

Javascript • Asked by Nick McNeany

Hey Everyone,

I'm having a small problem with the JavaScript components of the Uikit framework and I know it has to do with turbolinks. Here's the gem I'm using Uikit2-Rails.

I followed Chris's upgrading to turbolinks5 episode, but I still can't get them to work after the initial page load, I'm also using jquery-turbolinks.

Does anyone know of a work around for turbolinks and front-end frameworks, or should I just ditch turbolinks?

Thanks for any help!

Sorry that I can't help you, but just wanted to share that today I ditched Turbolinks. I'm using lightbox navigation. Similar to what Pinterest does and since I pushstate manually to change the URL it messed up the back button so I had to remove Turbolinks and now everything works perfect.
I do think that Turbolinks is great, but in some cases it makes problems. I'm sure you can solve yours. The question is how and if it's worth your time.
Good luck either way.

Thanks Isaac!

I'll look into lightbox navigation.

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