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@mentions for Users with ActionText in Rails 6 Discussion

This is a great video.

Is it possible to remove jQuery if you are using Bootstrap 4? I know it's a dependency but maybe if you are not using all aspects of Bootstrap you can remove it.

Anyway, removing jQuery is a good way to remove 250kb (30kb gzipped) from your website's download which is not bad at all.

The next major version of Bootstrap will be without jQuery

Is it possible to change the default render for other one?

When Trix render I would like to use a different partial. For example _user_trix.html.erb so I can include some special content.

Hi Franklin,

I believe you can define a #to_trix_content_attachment_partial_path on your User model, e.g.

class User < ApplicationRecord
    include ActionText::Attachable
    def to_trix_content_attachment_partial_path

Hi Adam and Franklin,

I had a similar issue using a Profile model and rendering a _profile_mention.html.erb partial for the mentions.

Adding this to_trix_content_attachment_partial_path method pointing to my _profile_mention.html.erb partial did the trick when editing my rich text.
But when displaying my rich text (@article.content), it still renders the _profile.html.erb partial.
Any idea how I could fix that please?

Hey Chris,

Awesome episode as usual! Few quick questions:

  1. Since ActionText is storing a global_id reference to records in order to display the updated partial at render time, does that mean it's making a separate DB query to retrieve each of those records? For instance, if I @mention 10 separate users, will it make 10 separate calls? Especially if I'm creating a commenting system that allows @mentions, and there could be 10-20 comments, each with several @mentions, etc...
  2. I notice you used Zurb Tribute for the @mention library; you've done an episode before using AtJs, any benefits to Tribute over AtJs, or just preference?

I really do like the concept of storing a reference to the partial instead of the hard-coded HTML. I'm actually in a situation where I stored the HTML snippets in the text itself and now want to change it, but am struggling with how to do that using the Froala editor. I'll eventually migrate to ActionText in a few months after Rails 6 has been vetted in the wild.

Always appreciate your timely and very applicable videos!

I will be in a similar situation and my solution will either be to cache the mention or store it in redis using the sgid and set it to auto expire in a few hours. Avatar may be out of date for a short duration because of the cache but it is a small price to pay to reduce load on the DB.

Great episode. How Trix works has become a little bit clearer. Thanks!

any way to implement @mentions if I am using rails strictly for an API?

Hi @chris I have a little app that has a venue and user that I would like the user to be able to call something like " Hey @user do you want to go to #venue on saturday?" or the like.

is that possible?

Is it possible to use ActionText in an Vue-App?

If you set a data map for the Rails path, can you replace fetch(`/mentions.json?query=${text}`) with"url")? I'm having issues with it where I get an undefined error in console.

I'm building an app that will have this feature, but I also am dealing with multi-tenancy. So how do I pass the account_id ( from multitenancy) in the fetchUsers call, here's what I have and it's not working ( I'm getting an undefined error).

initialize() {
    this.account ="account")

fetchUsers(text, callback, account) {
    let account = this.account
    .then(response => response.json())
    .then(users => callback(users))
    .catch(error => callback([]))

and in _form.html.erb

<%= f.rich_text_area :problem, placeholder: 'The raw idea, use case, something that motivates us to work on this.', data: { controller: "mentions", target: "mentions.field", mentions_account:} %>

I know the account_id is getting to the initialize method, but not the fetchUsers method. Any thoughts?

I'm a bit of a javascript n00b but I found a solution... My updated fetchUsers method...

fetchUsers(text, callback, account) {
    let accountId = document.querySelector("trix-editor").dataset.mentionsAccount
    console.log(`This is from fetchUsers ${accountId}`)
    .then(response => response.json())
    .then(users => callback(users))
    .catch(error => callback([]))

Hi all - I'm getting some unexpected behavior here, and I was hoping one of you might know of a way to fix it. The _pasteHtml function in mentions_controller.js is deleting more text than it should before the @mention. Here's what I'm seeing:

I'm using code that's identical to the tutorial.

Thanks for any insight.

Hey John, I had the same issue. Maybe try this out when you are setting the selected range?

this.editor.setSelectedRange([position - endPos + startPos, position + 1]);

That did the trick... thank you for sharing!

Maybe obvious to some, but I wanted to know why this is the case. My understanding now is that position comes from Trix and begins counting from the start of the rich text area, while startPos and endPos come from Tribute and begin counting from the start of the current line.

setSelectedRange is a Trix method, so it requires start and end position values relative to the beginning of the rich text area, which is why you need to find the length of the Tribute mention and subtract that from the current Trix position.

Another (verbose) way to write _pasteHtml:

_pasteHtml(html, startPos, endPos) {
  let position = this.editor.getPosition()
  let tributeLength = endPos - startPos
  let trixStartPos = position - tributeLength
  let trixEndPos = position
  this.editor.setSelectedRange([trixStartPos, trixEndPos])

Benjamin and John, thanks a bunch for sharing this.

Thanks a lot Benjamin :)

Thank you so much! Was wrestling with this and having a solution with an explanation is pure gold!

Thank you so much Benjamin and John

Hey Chris,

This is probably my favorite series as I'm learning to use both actiontext and stimulus, so thanks for the videos

Would it be possible to add another model as an attachment and post stuff on that model from this editor?
Imagine that I have a 'Tasks' model and that I also have an 'New Tasks' button in the trix toolbar, the would potentially give me a task list. Would it then be possible to, when I save the document, to also save a new "task list" in my task model.

This might be a no-brainer but as a designer is not that easy for me to figure it out by myself yet.

Have a look at this video:

It shows how to extract the all the mentioned users within an action text to notify them via email. You could do something similar for your tasks. Except in your case it will be tasks instead of users, and instead of sending emails, you create a list of tasks.

Thanks Marc, I think I got it. Will try to replicate it with this method.

Hi Chris, I saw your PR related to to_trix_content_attachment_partial_path so I figured you might know this:

Is it possible to specify a partial path for an attachable, without overriding to_partial_path?

I have @mentions implemented in my application just like you show in this video. I use render @user all over the place but that users/_user.html.erb partial is very different from what I'd like the @mentions to look. So I want to specify a different partial path for rendering users within an Action Text.

I could replace my existing render @user specifying a different partial, but that just seems a like hack. I imagine there must be a to_action_text_partial_path-like method somewhere, but I haven't found any yet.

Great video! I also integrated these mentions with the noticed gem and it seems to be working well. I'm having one issue, though, where when I try to render the rich text body in plain texts for things like SMSs it's stripping out any of the text associated with the user's name, not just the styling, since it's all treated as an attachment. Do you know of a way around this?

Hey! Sorry this is probably too late to help in your case but you can override the: attachable_plain_text_representation(caption) method on your ActionText::Attachable model. By default this method uses the caption (for images) but since we aren't setting a caption for @-mentions, the text is blank if you call to_plain_text.

In this example, you might override the method to return something like "@#{name}" for the plain text formatting.

Hi Chris, or anyone who has some thoughts,
I am utilizing this, but for some purposes have to call the .to_plain_text call on the model I'm using (Comment). When I do that, ActionText removes the @mention, and I'm not quite sure how to add a to_plain_text process for the @mentions. Any ideas?

Did you ever find a solution to this Mike? Having the same problemo

When I leave the json partial in place for the user I get the JSON rendered in the post content instead of the HTML partial which is meant to render it as a span—any idea why the jbuilder partial would be preferred when rendering the content in a regular HTML view?

Hi, this is perfect, but I have got a problem if I want to run this into the modal. Does anyone know what kind of problem that can be please? :/

fixed with:
position: absolute;
z-index: 9999;

in tribute-container class :)

Hi Chris,
Thank you for this amazing video. I followed everything, however, I still got undefined when I hit enter on the name.

If you have an issue with partials, try the new to_attachable_partial_path method.

It would be great to have a similar video covering how to add a toolbar button with a dialog so we can add things like a better link selector that chooses pages on our site. Or an image selection dialog.

Is it possible to add attributes to an attachment that we can get at when rendering the attachment? things like text (for links) and classnames etc. These would stay same if model data changes.

Can we set the class of the figure element for an attachment in the editor? If not it has attachment-content and is always inline. which looks a bit poor for things like media embeds

I'm having trouble with saving mentions in the controller. When I do post_params I get

#<ActionController::Parameters {"body"=>"<div><figure data-trix-attachment=\"{&quot;content&quot;:&quot;<span class=\\&quot;mention\\&quot;>\\n  Jon Doe\\n</span>\\n&quot;}\" data-trix-content-type=\"undefined\" class=\"attachment attachment--content\"><span class=\"mention\">\r\n  John Doe\r\n</span>\r\n<figcaption class=\"attachment__caption\"></figcaption></figure> is awesome</div>"} permitted: true>

Then I create the post Post.create kudo_params. And when I do Post.last.body I get

"<div class=\"trix-content\">\n  <div> is awesome</div>\n</div>\n"

Where has the mention gone?, it disappeared and survived just the text. The whole text was @John Doe is awesome. Any help is welcomed!

Update: the problem was a typo in app/views/users/_user.json.jbuilder, instead of defining sgid I wrote sgsid

I referenced this screencast on this Trix Github issue where comments disappear if the user mentioned is a link and is clicked. Required a data turbo false tag to be filtered from trix content divs as well as allowing the data turbo false html content to be an allowed_attributes of action text.

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