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Great episode thanks Chris!
Is there another one on Docker for deploying in production?

Update: the problem was a typo in app/views/users/_user.json.jbuilder, instead of defining sgid I wrote sgsid

I'm having trouble with saving mentions in the controller. When I do post_params I get

#<ActionController::Parameters {"body"=>"<div><figure data-trix-attachment=\"{&quot;content&quot;:&quot;<span class=\\&quot;mention\\&quot;>\\n  Jon Doe\\n</span>\\n&quot;}\" data-trix-content-type=\"undefined\" class=\"attachment attachment--content\"><span class=\"mention\">\r\n  John Doe\r\n</span>\r\n<figcaption class=\"attachment__caption\"></figcaption></figure> is awesome</div>"} permitted: true>

Then I create the post Post.create kudo_params. And when I do Post.last.body I get

"<div class=\"trix-content\">\n  <div> is awesome</div>\n</div>\n"

Where has the mention gone?, it disappeared and survived just the text. The whole text was @John Doe is awesome. Any help is welcomed!