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How do I implement my own buttons and functions for Trix

Sebastian asked in Gems / Libraries

Hey, i want to have the possibility to add more functionality in my text editor trix.
I think about basic stuff as centering text etc. and more advanced stuff like post spotify songs or twitter feeds etc. is this possible ?


+1 for this.


ha, thats me answering that question.

It's not just the actual buttons, which is ok for simple things - its allowing video/twitter/insta embeds and adding more complex dialogs for links and image insertion.

For dialogs and images, i'd like to be able to send a rails view/partial to provide an image chooser. For the link dialog, customising it to allow choosing from a list of internal links or an input for external. choose open in _blank etc.

there doesnt seem to be much docs for that stuff because the BC crew are focused on using trix for formatting comments & documents in basecamp type of use cases.


thanks for sharing , this will help me

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