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Tagging Posts(Or whatever) in rails without any gems
Samuel Janes asked Solved
I've been creating a test app for a couple of weeks know, and want to have a tagging system. It would also be cool if it was polymorphic, so multiple models could have tags. Thanks!

Could you make a ActiveAdmin episode?
Rob Sturcke asked
Was browsing and found out about ActiveAdmin and thought it would be pretty cool to work with. Best, -Rob

Devise User Follow System
Samuel Janes asked Solved
Can you make a Follow system with devise that updates via ajax? Thanks!

Can you make an episode on Recurring Events- recurring_select + ice_cube
Olsi Gjeci asked
Can you make an episode on this! I've gotten to the point of adding recurrence rules, but having trouble generating and showing events that are recurring on future dates the same way they appear r...

Video request: react-rails + caching
Megan asked
idk if this is the best place to include screencast requests... Would love to see advance tutorials on using react with rails. A specific one would be caching best practices in react.

Problems Viewing Videos
Frank Vinci asked
I am having a lot of problems watching the videos here the last couple of weeks. Multiple videos on different laptops and different browsers. The videos freeze constantly and I have to reload the...

Video Series on Security for rails?
Masud Hossain asked Solved
Is there any videos for best practice security routines for Rails? Things to do or not do so that your rails app isn't compromised by hackers.

A series on Turbolinks 5
Marek Prihoda asked
Reading through the Turbolinks 5 documentation, there are mentions of several use cases, like eg. in the Making Transformations Idempotent sections (but there are more). It would be great if you co...

Episodes Source Code
Rene Escobar asked Solved
Is there any way you can provide us with the source code for the episodes?

Episode Suggestion:
Olsi Gjeci asked
Hey Chris. Is it possible to do an episode on recurrence, recurring events? I'm looking at ice cube gem and recurring select but not that easy for me to fully understand everything! it would be gre...

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