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GoRails speed

Isaac Ben Hutta asked in Site Feedback

Hi Chris,
It would be nice if you could share with us what techniques you use to make this site so fast, and if and how do you deal with scaling problems.

Yes! I'm getting a new camera tomorrow, so this will be something I cover first with that. :D

Francisco, check out the Memoization tutorial. I assume these are one of the things Chris uses to make this app fast.

Isaac Will do I started watching it the other day. ill will see it soon. thank you Chris is always on point with the topics

The memoization one is definitely up this alley. One really good example use case (that I realized after recording that episode) was that when you want to sync records from an API, memoizing the results so you can save / update copies in your database is really helpful.

I'm going to do another episode talking about all the things I use on GoRails, but that's definitely one of the tactics.

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