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Video request: react-rails + caching

Megan asked in Site Feedback

idk if this is the best place to include screencast requests...

Would love to see advance tutorials on using react with rails. A specific one would be caching best practices in react.


I'm hoping to get into React soon!

One of the main things with caching for it will be that you only really need to focus on caching your JSON that the React code will load since it generates the HTML. You won't get performance benefits from caching HTML like you would with Rails, so you can do it on the JSON instead.


I'd like to make a request that when you get to episodes such as this, you talk about the accumulation of technical debt when you shift from Rails server-side rendering to a full on client-side single-page app. In my experience, it takes significantly more time and almost feels like you're managing 2 applications. I'd also be interested to see how much HTML it would take before the response payloads start to overtake the JSON response payloads since a lot of the web is on mobile now, this question is key to answer when shifting focus from back-end views to client-side rendering and you want to save your users' bandwidths.

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