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Episodes Source Code

Rene Escobar asked in Site Feedback

Is there any way you can provide us with the source code for the episodes?


Yes! There were a few episodes that I did sloppily in the past that don't have it but most all of the recent ones have source code linked in the Resources section underneath the video. Some of them I use the same repository for so you can see the evolution of the code in the various commits like this one:




There are some very usefull episodes among the early ones, especailly on jquery_ujs. Would be really, really helpful if you could add the source codes for these episodes. jQuery UJS is a fantastic library but lacks proper documentation so in this regard, your episodes are really eye-opening and superuseful. But without the source code it is hard to refer back to them. In any case, thanks for your great work!


Unfortunately for a lot of the earlier episodes I don't have the source code anymore because they were on my old laptop. :( Anything that does have code up there right now is what I've got.

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