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Chris, this seems to be a very clear explanation of idempotent transformatons:

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Reading through the Turbolinks 5 documentation, there are mentions of several use cases, like eg. in the Making Transformations Idempotent sections (but there are more). It would be great if you could make a series of screncasts on actual uses of Turbolinks, including covering all the edge cases and gotchas.

IMHO, Turbolinks 5 have a potential to widely used, especially for companies that do not want to invest into frontend js frameworks (or are not persuaded that these frontend js frameworks are the way to go), so such a series would be really, really appreciated. At the same time, it looks like there is not enough awareness about Turbolinks, people just don't really know what a true gem Turbolinks are.

The series could start from the very beginning, and then go with the more advanced topics, like caching, the idempotency, etc. It seems like there is a lot to cover. Then the series could continue with the Android/iOS adapters.

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Yeah, APIs are a hot topic recently as many people implement their frontends with frameworks like React.js (which I dont see as the most reasonabe thing to do when we have Rails, but that's life), so a series of episodes on APIs would be great.

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There are some very usefull episodes among the early ones, especailly on jquery_ujs. Would be really, really helpful if you could add the source codes for these episodes. jQuery UJS is a fantastic library but lacks proper documentation so in this regard, your episodes are really eye-opening and superuseful. But without the source code it is hard to refer back to them. In any case, thanks for your great work!

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Great episode. Could we have the souce code, please?

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Nice episode. But where do I find the source code?

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