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How to build REST APIs?

Ali Ahmed asked in General

Hi Chris

Yesterday I was just wondering that how can I build an app which follows REST principles. I searched on many articles and they are in too much nitty-gritty with less examples of how to create a REST controller.
I really need to understand the core concepts of REST APIs. Can you please make a new screencast on this and I am sure that it will be really really helpful in the rails community.


Ali, great suggestion. I definitely will do that. There are only a handful of important concepts you really need to know, and I agree, I haven't seen many videos that actually cover this from a high level. I'll make sure I get to this soon!

Another great resource is by Steve Klabnik Designing Hypermedia APIs Steve is a pro when it comes to API and architecture design. Definitely one book to read!

I'm really looking forward to this one Chris! I've always wanted to learn how to build an API-only Rails app. From what I understand Rails 5 aims to make this easier than before.

Looking forward to a video on this too. In the interim I've done a simple JSON API in Rails on my YouTube channel if you want to have a look, although I'm sure Chris' tutorial will be much better and robust.

Yeah, APIs are a hot topic recently as many people implement their frontends with frameworks like React.js (which I dont see as the most reasonabe thing to do when we have Rails, but that's life), so a series of episodes on APIs would be great.

Yeah would also love to see more about API stuff. I mean, build a basic API isn't a big deal but all that stuff like a robust authentication and more is really hard to understand.

Hey Chris,

When will you cover REST APIs? It would be great to see a series on that with some best practices. In today's email you wrote that you would cover Shrine uploads in detail soon, but since you have already made a few episodes on carrierwave and refile, this topic doesn't seem to be that exciting.

This is coming soon! APIs are the next series after file uploading. I've been doing some work with iOS / Swift and React Native on the side which will tie into the APIs content as well so we can talk about doing native mobile apps but also Turbolinks-iOS and the like. Basically this is just taking some more time to research all the things I want to cover and so I'm filling in with some file uploading, transcoding, video processing things.

Chris, pls don't forget to add authentication to the API series. It would be great to see both devise/JWT implementation.

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