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I've been struggling with this for several days now and I can't get the component to render any data.

  <h1>{{ greeting }} World!</h1>

  module.export = {
    data: function (){
        greeting: 'hello'


My file is called customers.vue so i'm trying to render my component as <customers></customers> inside my html file.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I've read a lot about this and I understand that it involves REST webhooks, but I'm struggling to get it to actual work. I'm not sure how to actually get my app to tell Zapier that something has been saved and to send it over.

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This would be great!

Awesome. Makes sense. Thanks Chris.


I have a website that has a large dataset that can be exported via csv. I followed your video on how to export a csv (solid video) and it was working great until my dataset got too big. The problem is Heroku times out because it takes too long. I'm currently trying to handle this by doing it through a background job, but I'm not exactly sure the best way to do that. I'm sure I need to do something with "send_data" and rather than having it directly send I need to have it send through a job.. but like I said I'm lost ha. Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, exactly. I'm working on a project that pays out some of its users monthly (different amounts for each user) and right now we are the thinking the easiest way to do that is via a paypal email address rather than having them go through the stripe sign up process.

Thanks for your response.

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Thanks for covering another ecommerce tool! Does braintree handle paypal type payouts? What I mean by that is can you send money via just an email thru their api? I've been combing through their docs and I'm not seeing anything.

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I asked this question on Stack Overflow: If anyone has any feedback or an answer to this I'm all ears. I've been hashing through this for over a week now.

haha yup. That's why we love 'em.

Thanks. I got it working. I don't know why it wasn't ha.

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Thank you! just saw you responded

Is there anything special that needs to be done to continue to use devise helpers like current_user or user_signed_in? inside of a multitenant app?

Awesome, thanks. I'll keep working through it with regular nesting and see what I can do.

That's great option. I'll look into that.

Do you have any advice on how to handle it through the routes and controllers?

I am messing around with the forum repo and I have been trying to nest the forum_threads inside of a school model. I want every school to have their own forum. What would be the best way to accomplish this? I've tried doing just the basic:

resources :schools do
resources :forum_threads do
resources :forum_post, module: :forum_threads

(that code was just written off the top of my head so forgive the inaccuracies) and the routing works, but I am struggling with how to handle the controllers.

Thanks in advance

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great video! Seeing it done in React would be great.

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Thank you!

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That would be awesome!

This is great. Thanks for the great videos as usual. When using a button that is rending info through ajax, how do you enable the original button? My fa-icon jus keeps spinning. My code: <%= link_to 'Stats', course_heat_map_path(@course, lesson), remote: true, class: 'expandable tiny label', data: {disable_with: " Calculating Stats..."} %> and it is grabbing data from a .js.erb page and rendering it. Thanks in advance

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Excellent. Thank you