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Video Idea: Accepting Credit Card Payments

Michael Stitt asked in Site Feedback

Most web apps need the ability to accept payments from their users (whether they're automated monthly payments or just simple one time payments). It was such a easy process getting going as a Pro subscriber on GoRails, I'd love to see you walk us through how to do it with our own Rails app. I also think the "Account" page is very clean/uncluttered and I like how I can see my payment history.

I'm more interested in how I integrate a payment processor and accept payments than I am displaying a receipt. If you're not interested in making a video would you mind describing who/what you use to capture payments and any things I need to consider when implementing it myself?



Definitely need to get on this one! It's one of the most requested things and I just need to sit down and do it. I'm just using the Stripe JS library coupled with the Rubygem. The JS turns the card into a token, sends it to the server, and the server charges the card and updates the user. That's about it.

I'll make sure to bump this topic up in the queue so I can record it soon.


Sweet. Looking forward to this!

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