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Problems Viewing Videos

Frank Vinci asked in Site Feedback

I am having a lot of problems watching the videos here the last couple of weeks. Multiple videos on different laptops and different browsers. The videos freeze constantly and I have to reload the page to get it playing again. Then it freezes again and I have to refresh again. Is anyone else having problems here?


Hey Frank,

Thanks for the heads up! Somebody mentioned playback issues on Slack yesterday. First I had heard of it, but that's obviously a huge priority to fix. It's possible Wistia is giving some troubles or something. The free videos are hosted on YouTube so they're different than the paid ones which are on Wistia.

Are you having issues with both or only Wistia? What browser / version and OS are you on? Also if you open up the browser JS console, do you see any JS errors on the page?


I am watching the last sending-emails-with-smtp-and-send-grid paid version and it keeps stopping at 3 seconds every time. Right now I'm on windows 7, google chrome. I had the same issue on OSX, safari. I do have some errors in the console. Here's a link to a screen shot.

If I remove ?autoplay=1 from the url it seems like there's no issues. No errors in the console and the video seems to play fine.


That's super weird! Just tried it on my Mac and got the same issue. Played about 3 seconds and then stopped. It's definitely the autoplay.

What's funny is that code has worked for a long, long time. I think it's something on Wistia's end. I know they often update the player internals, so it must be something odd the way I'm setting it up. Maybe it's now executing too quickly and causing the player to mess up because it hasn't fully initialized or something.

I'm disabling it temporarily now, so at least we have a fix that will work.

Reply long as there is a way to get the videos to play I'm a happy camper.


That's what I figured. 😉


I know this issue is solved by simply removing the autoplay, but one thing I noted -- this also occurs with youtube videos. I just clicked the link for the new phusion video in twitter. I was taken to the video page (not logged in) and shown the youtube video which stopped for an endless load twice at exactly 42 seconds.

Obviously as stated, removing autoplay portion and reloading page solves the issue, just figured this may be useful so you don't limit your bug search to Wistia. Also I know you mentioned this was going to be disabled, but I still got that link when clicking from twitter. I am perfectly happy as long as videos play, just figured I would offer more for informational purposes.


Thanks for the heads up Thomas. I wonder if this is a buffering issue or something.

The YouTube ones have always autoplayed just fine for me and testing just now it happily goes past the 42 second mark. However, the Wistia ones were getting stuck at 3 seconds before and seem to be loading fine for me now as well.

I also just tested this in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and the YT videos autoplayed correctly past 50 seconds and more.

I'm curious, does this also pause at the 42 second mark for you?


Yes, same issues on youtube link as well, I assume that means buffering issues on my end? Sorry for the false alarm.


Possibly, but I bet you probably aren't the only one. Can you try it in another browser? I'm wondering if these are stemming from changes YT and Wistia are doing internally? I know that Wistia pushed everyone to their new platform because Chrome 53 kills Flash support.


Hey Thomas, did you get a chance to poke around any more on the videos?


Sorry for the late response, yes I have poked around the videos -- I have not had any further issues. Since that time I have upgraded safari with the sierra update. I on xfinity internet and even though I pay for high speed, that doesn't mean I am always going to get it, I know that was an issues for @ShakyCode.

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