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Is there a torrent or similar to download all episodes?

Mark Schewe asked in Site Feedback


in the next month I will go on vacation. There is only very slow internet access and I want to use the free time to refresh my Rails knowlege. I know, I should just relax, but learning something in a nice enviroment is what I expect from holidays :)
A link, torrent or something to download all episodes would be great.


If you have/use iTunes you can download, store and watch from there.


As Jack mentioned, the RSS feed is probably the easiest way to do that: 👍


Hi Chris, looks like the RSS link no longer works. Any chance you could add a new one? I often find myself (pleasantly) surprised to see new episodes on the site. Would be nice if we could discover these through our RSS readers as well.


RSS is working just fine for me. What do you mean it no longer works?


Sorry my bad. I tried subscribing in both NetNewsWire and Feedbin and both said it couldn't find any feed. Rather than asking for a username/password. I now manually added it to the URL and it works 👍


Weird, you'd think they'd prompt for the username / password!


Chris indeed!


Still a problem for me. I used to be able to subscribe to the pro RSS feed using iTunes on MacOS Mojave.

Trying to do the same in Apple Podcasts on MacOS Big Sur is no longer displaying a username and password prompt. Instead, either nothing happens when entering the pro feed RSS URL, or a "not found" message is shown by Apple Podcasts.

I've tried entering in my user name and password with the pro RSS URL as suggested, but with no luck. Is there a specific format required?


You can use VLC. Just add a Playlist and in the field enter the RSS URL with the username/password. Take note that if your password contains special characters, you will have to URLEncode them.


@Julius Francisco Thank you very much. VLC handled this problem like a champ!

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