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aravind-raja-lk asked in Ruby

As a beginner I don't have any idea about ruby. Can anyone tell me how to get start in ruby by gorail course from A-Z

GoRails seems to me more like a more intermediate to pro level (and there it's just awesome). GoRails is not really a walk-through and I don't know how easy it is to learn the basics with GoRails. I started to learn with a course on Udemy. The one I've done was I don't know how it compares to other ones, but it certainly helped me in getting up to speed. Today I'm capable of developing RoR applications and constantly consult GoRails for specific topics (e.g. 'how to I implement XYZ').

Hi All,
After some help, I am following the great beginner videos by Chris Oliver and am on Video 5, Route and route type. I have followed what Chris did in the video yet when I refresh my local host I get a Routing Error, No route matches [GET] "/about". I have gone back over the video and its exactly how Chris advised. Any help would be appreciated. Am I able to upload a screenshot on here? Regards Ben

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