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Backing up Heroku PG and than pushing my brand new rails 5 app.
Masud Hossain asked Solved
If you back up your Heroku PG database, this is storing all your users login info, right? So can I delete my whole rails app, push up a brand new rails app (using devise and rails5) and than pu...

Managed hosting
Beau O'Hara asked
Hi there, I am curious what others a doing for large scale managed hosting. Currently we managing our own AWS and I would like to hand those duties over to a 3rd party. I am looking at Heroku but...

An other deployment question
Romain Nim asked
Hello everyone! I'm new to Rails (and at coding in general) and english is not my mother tongue, so I might say clumsy stuffs, so please bear with me :D I'm finally ready to launch my first a...

Deployment Question
Chris Zempel asked
Hey, debugging a deployment script I didn't set up and running into an error that I'm not making any headway with via StackOverflow or general Googling. Here's what it is: ``` bundle exec ca...

Migration Issue caused Heroku to fail.
Terence Devine asked
I have an application on Heroku that uses the Paperclip gem that recently had some issues - and I'm not 100% sure on what it was that caused it. I have the application working locally (including th...

Non-rails, block ip address from nginx without logging to error.log?
Brian Schwartz asked
Posted this to serverfault too, but I'm still stuck: I have a server that keeps trying to brute force hack via xml-rpc post on a wordpress site (I know, I know). I've blocked the ip address in ...

rubber:passenger:add_to_pool takes forever
Michael Victor asked
I'm using Rubber 3.1.0 with Capistrano 2.15.5 When I try to deploy my app(default rails-devise-pundit) to production on EC2, it goes on perfectly till command finished in 2849ms triggering a...

Links not working on production server
Edward Bishop asked
I'm at a loss. After finally successfully deploying using Capistrano, and finally figuring out why my assets were missing, I have another issue. I have a link that point to static pages (contact)...

Deploy and delete text!
Artem Kiryanov asked
Help! When i deploy my app from local machine to vps, my local image, text and another information have been deleted! How can i fix it?

Hosting static images in subdirectories of Public on nginx
Brian Schwartz asked
Hey Chris (and others), Switched to nginx from Apache and following the deploy guide for Ubuntu 14.04. My app (which is 3.2.X and Ruby 1.9.3) no longer serves the static images I store in public...

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