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Error on Letsencrypt tutorial

Ohre Alex asked in Servers

I am following the guide on this site for lets encrypt and I ran into error, I don't know if something is outdated or changed

cd ~
git clone
cd letsencrypt/

the above worked fine but when I run
I got this error

~/letsencrypt$ ls LICENSE.txt certbot certbot-dns-cloudflare certbot-dns-gehirn certbot-dns-nsone certbot-dns-sakuracloud tests README.rst certbot-apache certbot-dns-digitalocean certbot-dns-google certbot-dns-ovh certbot-nginx mypy.ini tools certbot-ci certbot-dns-dnsimple certbot-dns-linode certbot-dns-rfc2136 letsencrypt-auto-source pytest.ini tox.ini acme certbot-compatibility-test certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy certbot-dns-luadns certbot-dns-route53 letstest snap windows-installer

deploy@softalx-production:~/letsencrypt$ ./letsencrypt-auto
-bash: ./letsencrypt-auto: No such file or directory

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