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How should I deal with lots of images?
William Jones asked Solved
I have a Rails app that lets users select an invoice from a list of invoices. When selected a view of the image of the invoice is displayed with an image of the customer signature overlayed on top....

ActiveRecord/Routing madness
Nelson Casanova asked Solved
I'm not sure whats happening here, I feel like I've done this successfully in the past but for some reason my app is crashing all over. This is quite simple. Ive got a model `Employees` and it h...

Commontator with Trix
Nelson Casanova asked Solved
Good day robots, I'm trying to implement the Trix editor as the default editor for Commontator's comments. The default Commontator view is defined as follows in `app\views\commontator\comment...

[Administrate] Autocomplete on 'foo: Field::BelongsTo'
Nelson Casanova asked Solved
Hello, I'm currently doing some tests using Administrate to see if the functionality can be shaped in a way that is convenient for me... Some things have been quite easy and for the most part sa...

"You must use Bundler 2 or greater..." Error
Nelson Casanova asked Solved
rails -v `Rails 5.2.3` ruby -v `ruby 2.6.1p33 (2019-01-30 revision 66950) [x86_64-linux]` bundler -v `Bundler version 2.0.1` On creating a new app and trying `rake db:create` i get: `You mu...

New Project Rails 6 rc1 or 5.2.3?
Chris Bishop asked Solved
I am starting a new project soon (not a toy project) and wanted advice as to what version to start it in for Rails? Knowing i will do my best to keep it up to date with versions, should i start the...

Display Posts on Homepage
MikeLangford asked Solved
I am building a social app and I want to display the content of the /posts page (index.html.erb) on the homepage if a user is logged in. The code below works just fine on the /posts page to dis...

Access the request object in a helper in a helper test (minitest)
Wout asked Solved
Using Rails 6 and minitest, I am testing a helper method which generates a JWT token to make a request to an external service. Inside the JWT's payload hash, I need the pass the source url. Ideally...

To use Rails 6 or Not
Rob Thomas asked Solved
Hey Go Rails Fam, I'm starting a new project this weekend and I was wondering should I user Rails 5.2.3 or just start the project with Rails 6.0.0.rc1? Let me know what you think. Cheers Rob

Anyone had luck with Active Storage and Cloud Front?
Dalton Cole asked Solved
Hey everyone, I am working on an on demand video site that would (ideally) involve a user uploading a video via rails active storage direct upload to s3, then that video being served up via clo...

How do I render a (Stimulus) modal without user interaction?
Jeff Helman asked Solved
When a data value in my view meets certain criteria (e.g.: "< 0"), I want to render a modal (which is configured using Stimulus). I know this is a noobish question, but I'm not finding obviou...

Contribute to a gem
S C asked Solved
I have two questions. How do I contribute to a ruby gem? Do I just locate it's repo and make a pull request? Or are there more formal procedures? Also, what if I've made some very useful met...

What is a elegant way for embedding vue component into rails view template
Aleksandar asked Solved
Hi, I'm doing this way like as follow in the "***.html.erb" ``` ``` here I'm wondering if I should not vue component tag into the rails template or should I do this way? ``` ...

Active Query: object date within the next 30 days.
Matt asked Solved
Hi there, I'm fairly new to programming and rails. I was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction here. I've created a new date field in Active Record and I'm trying to...

creating multiple input fields in rails
lucywilson asked Solved

How I can use extra params in habtm without so many troubles?
Jack asked Solved
I have a model `Station` ``` class Station < ApplicationRecord validates :name, presence: true has_many :ways has_many :routes, through: :ways has_and_belongs_to_many :tickets ...

How do I structure a Conversation between two models?
Taylor Cooney asked Solved
I have a `Store` object that has an `email_address` attribute. Using the logic from and [How To Build A Form]( and [Handling Inbound Email Parsing wi...

Rails Webpack caching
Stephen Sizer asked Solved
I'm having an issue in development where I've changed my main application.js file in /javascript/packs/ and the file is being cached so having a hard time testing new changes. Does anyone else have...

How to fix params require for form_for contact in multi controller view
Anthony BESSON asked Solved
I have a problem in my contact form_for, I have one contact form and I want to render my contact form in my product view. If I make that I have a problem with my require params My contact_params...

Why isn't the Boostrap Dropdown not working in the menu after loging in ?
Damian Nelwep asked Solved
Hello, I started an app using the Jumpstart shortcut but didn't find out how and why the dropdown menu with the user's photo wasn't working at all... I guess it is because of javascript but after c...

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