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Posted in Setup Windows 11 Discussion

I wrote a guide as well will be posting it on the forum and share back here. Great article good to know I wasn't far off from some kind of standard way of doing this (it was all from scratch and some head scratching) I ended up with a Windows 11 WSL2 Debian setup everything is hosted inside WSL no Windows file system required and then running RubyMine ES Beta for the IDE doing a remote WSL connection to the *nix image.

VS Code latest update offers this you restart it in remote server connection mode on mine in the command bar of VS Code it shows WSL Debian remote connection.

Then no need for crazy debugger config ten moving parts Windows setup it happens natively in the image.

Posted in Refactoring our Ruby code Discussion

A github repo for these types of lessons would have been handy.

Posted in Integers & Floats in Ruby Discussion

This video was low res for me not sure if anyone else had this? Collin great videos so far your presentation is spot on looking forward to the rest of the series.

Posted in Ruby Scripts & IRB Discussion

If anyone is having issues with the text open the video up in YouTube and use the theatre mode or pop-up to scale the video correctly the text looks better.
Great video btw just the right level of detail.

As per the title I am an experienced .NET developer who has mostly been working the backend with API's got into frontend a little mostly Vue and did some MVC in the past but not in anger.

So far I am impressed with both Ruby and RoR they have been created with passion its obvious not the rage filled coffee sessions that drive other development systems :-)

Has anyone transitioned over to a full time Ruby & RoR developer and what were your experiences? I have been given the opportunity to get involved in a project and unfortunately there is as steep learning curve I have to get good with Ruby and master Rails along the way which I am hoping I will get to do on this site (I have used Udemy but find their content is out of date or padded out for boredom).

Right now going through various Ruby courses to get the hang of the language and IRB is just amazing for a developer but is there any recommend path I should take and also keen to hear from other non Ruby/RoR developers who moved over completely and are only doing Rails dev.

Thanks in advance.


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