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Integers & Floats in Ruby Discussion

Discussion for Integers & Floats in Ruby

Great video, thanks for bunch of useful info!


Glad you found the video contents useful, thank you for watching!


Nice job Collin! I like that you talked about integer division, introduced the concept of what we think of as traditional 'operators' actually being methods 2.+(4), the gentle introduction to 'blocks' and how you connected the 'times' integer method with the practical Rails example of creating seed data! 🚀 I also like the rounding methods with floats!


This video was low res for me not sure if anyone else had this? Collin great videos so far your presentation is spot on looking forward to the rest of the series.


Thanks a bunch, Tahir for the kind words! Sorry about the resolution though! I think these were early on videos for me and perhaps I didn't export as best as I could have done. I will make sure that is not the case going forward.





The fact that operators are actually methods just blew my mind!

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