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Shrine vs. Carrierwave
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Ohad Dahan
I noticed in the screencasts that the first one is on Carrierwave , but later on they're on all Shrine. I really like (not sure if it supports Shri...

Nested has many through... Or is there a better way?
Rails • Asked by Stephen Sizer
Hi I have 2 models Tender and Group shown below. For a Tender you can add Contractors (contractor_details) and you can also add Groups (groups). Groups also contain contractor_details. This i...

Problem with deletion and recreation of same association
Rails Solved • Asked by Rohan Mayya
I have a user model created through devise, a stock model (generated through a scaffold) so I can create a stocks database with my own custom prices, and a UserStock model to establish an associati...

Rails app configuration on production server
Rails • Asked by Aqib hameed
I want deploying Rails 5 app using Nginx, Unicorn, Postgres and Capistrano on centos which guide is best ???

Why to purchase the stripe course or Showing Off Game Nanny
Showcase • Asked by Scott Johnson
tldr; No question here, just a show case. I recently purchased [Chris' Stripe course]( and used it as a baseline for the e...

How do drag and drop builders work?
Rails Solved • Asked by josh edgar
So many website builders, form builders etc are comming to market. How do these actually work and is it possible to build something like this in rails? I'm assuming you drag an element onto a ca...

How does Chris open NERDTree by default when he runs "mvim ." ?
Tips • Asked by Liam Elliott
When I open a directory with mvim, I don't seem to be getting nerdtree. Instead, I get the regular directory buffer that is styled like nerdtree. When I open a file from this regular tree view, it ...

Layout for Devise with scoped route
Rails • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Everyone, I'm trying to use a custom layout for my `devise/registrations#edit` view. I'm using a scoped route. ``` devise_scope :member do get "/members/:id/settings" => "devise/registr...

Jquery destroy seems to fire twice.
Rails • Asked by Simon P
Hi I get the confirm msgbox "are you sure" twice and have to OK it twice: <td><%= button_to 'Remove', line_item, method: :delete, data: {confirm: 'Are you sure?'} %> </td> In controller: ...

Are there any up to date tutorials for jquery-sortable?
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Christopher Stewart
I've built a todo list that consists of lists and tasks. I am looking to use sortable to allow someone to move items around and between lists. Can anyone recommend any resources on how to do this? ...

Recommended Gems - share them here :)
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Ohad Dahan
Most of my recommendations are performance oritented but I'll be happy to hear about Gems that can help in other domains. 1. PGHero , great to keep track of your...

Optimizing Queries in Service Objects
Ruby Solved • Asked by Jacob Warren
I'm currently building an app and using namespaced service objects containing a single call method in each class. Below is an actual method (I'm aware the ABC size is too large, I'm wanting to g...

Best approach for combining Rails and Javascript
Javascript • Asked by Ryan Steen
So I am fairly new to rails dev. I have built several small apps in rails and javascript. There is such much chatter about different frameworks. I am wondering what the best approach would be to...

Redis on Digital Ocean vs. AWS/ElastiCache
Servers Solved • Asked by Craig DesBrisay
I'm running a Rails app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk / EC2 which also uses ElastiCache / Redis to run background jobs with Sidekiq. If I'm not mistaken, ElastiCache is a completely separate service tha...

Multitenancy with the Apartment gem Sending email in production
General • Asked by Francisco Quinones
Hi I did the Multitenancy app works great only problem that im having is on production the app wont send email. On local machine it send it with no problem. Any help and what info that you need l...

Receiving incoming emails
Rails • Asked by Aqib hameed
I want to develop a software which has multiple emails against the brands, e.g Brand1 has email [email protected], [email protected], and Brand2 has emails [email protected], [email protected] So Cust...

Good public national holidays api?
General • Asked by Andrei Crudu
I am working on a project and I need an api from which to import all the national holidays for a certain country and even for specific regions in that country. So for example I could import all...

Deploy Multiple Rails Apps to Same DigitalOcean Droplet?
General • Asked by Michael Stitt
I've used your guide to [deploy a Rails app]( to a DO droplet -- which was extremely helpful! However, now I'm at the point where I'd like to take advantage...

Spree commerce vs custom solution from scratch
General • Asked by Sam Uherek
Hey Chris, like most people already mentioned, awesome content on I love how you give additional explanation to how things work and not just a step by step tutorial how to make somethi...

How to write this raw SQL query in Active Record Query Interface
Rails • Asked by W.M.
Here's the SQL: ``` select,, count( as count from items i left join products p on = i.product_id left join stores s on = i.store_id group by, ``` Tha...