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Stripe - Question about canceling accounts
Rails • Asked by Adrian DeGus
I just finished following the screencasts on setting up Stripe, everything went well! I have my app setup to cancel accounts `:at_period_end` so that subscribers can continue accessing content t...

How to deploy in Google App Engine?
Rails • Asked by Jorge Dominguez
Hi there Guys! So its possible to get a video tutorial on how to deploy a Rails App in GAP?

How do I get redirect to view after create action using Vue.js
Javascript • Asked by Tabish Iqbal
Out of interest, have a weird issue. Trying to do a redirect after create. The record is being created just fine, but get a 500 error on the redirect? Using an ajax call using Vue-resource. Below...

Capybara is sending HTML format on request instead of JS
Testing • Asked by Zubin Teherani
The feature works perfectly on the browser, however on the tests when Capybara clicks the submit button the request is processed as an HTML: `Processing by SearchController#index as HTML` Inste...

From where to start for developing a Shopify application?
Rails • Asked by Haytham Eghbariah
Hello, First of all thank you Chris for supporting students like me with so limited budget! I'm really happy to be part of this community. I'm a Java programmer, and I know basics of Ruby, and...

Spell check
Site Feedback • Asked by Rails Addict
Hi, it seems that spell check only works for title not for the body of posts.

Screen Capture For GoRails Videos
General • Asked by Rails Addict
Hi, i was thinking of making an udemy video and was wondering what software is used in the gorails videos or if anyone has any suggestions? i also want to be able to use a tablet to write on the sc...

how do i display search results
Rails Solved • Asked by Neil Patel
Following on from my prev question regarding implementing search using the geocoder gem [] I have i...

Is there less opportunity for junior developers/1st job seekers in Rails?
Rails • Asked by Rails Addict
It seems that almost all of the Ruby on Rails job postings are for senior developers, usually with 5+ years experience, although I am aware of the caveat that one should not let that stop them from...

how do i implement search by postcode/zipcode using the Geocoder Gem
Rails Solved • Asked by Neil Patel
Building a small rails app that is able to search by postcode(zipcode) and radius, so it responds with contractors that are within that radius/postcode **schema.rb** create_table "locations", f...

Where should I start?
Tips • Asked by Kelvin Firmino
Hey, good morning. Chris, I would like to start to learn more about Ruby and Rails. I have a little more than a year programming with them. However, I would like to know which series should I st...

Add to Favorites: using same controller/action and js.erb files for different views
Rails Solved • Asked by TL
Chris I'm a new subscriber and I'm loving Go Rails. The content is really usefull for real-world applications. After implementing the "Like" feature in my website, I came across a doubt that ke...

Turbolinks Not Playing Nicely With Cocoon and Stripe
Rails • Asked by Steve Polito
# Problem I am getting the following console error on a form using `cocoon`. However, on page refresh the error is gone and the form works. ``` Failed to execute 'postMessage'...

Extend Sprockets to bundle mustache templates
Rails Solved • Asked by Alex Musayev
I'm trying to include some Mustache templates into the main JS bundle. The idea is to take `/app/templates/*.mustache` files, generate a JSON object, and set a window-level variable, like this: ...

Multiple role based authorization
General • Asked by Bruno Wego
Hello friends, I have a handful of doubts in an interesting senario, I hope can give me a little help. My application uses angular with [ng-token-auth](

Advice on building a 'reports' feature
General • Asked by Jay Killeen
My Ruby on Rails enterprise app has a whole range of tables ranging such as customers, products, sales, warehouses, prices etc etc. I'd like to build a whole range of different reports that user...

How do I upload files larger than 2GB?
Rails • Asked by Jimmy McDaniel
I've watched the series on uploading files with Shrine, and I learned a great deal. However, there's still that issue with large files consuming all the resources on the server for a very long tim...

integrating analytics
General • Asked by Szilard Magyar
Hi Chris! I see GoRails is using for analytics. Could you recommend me a good resource on integrating segment with GA and mixpanel? There are too many approaches like javascript versi...

Is there a torrent or similar to download all episodes?
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Mark Schewe
Hello, in the next month I will go on vacation. There is only very slow internet access and I want to use the free time to refresh my Rails knowlege. I know, I should just relax, but learning s...