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How to use AWS Cloud9 for Ruby on Rails development Discussion

I've been trying for a while to get Rails working on Cloud9, this was perfect!
Once comment: why not show the Cloud9 editor when editing the development.rb file?


Chris great video!! How did you know to leverage Port 8082 instead of Port 8080?


Thank you very much for making this video! Your video resolved all of the issues that I was running into when I was trying install Jumpstart from the GitLab repo


This is great. Does it allow you to then connect to a domain?


I wonder how process.env variables with vue work.


How much does it cost ?


There is no charge for AWS Cloud 9. And there is a free tier for an EC2 instance. If your AWS Cloud9 environment makes use of resources beyond the free tier, then you are charged the normal AWS rates for those resources. I have pasted a link to AWS Cloud 9 pricing below.

In general, if you are building a static web site then you probably won't have to pay for any extra resources. Otherwise, if you are building a dynamic website with a postgresql DB then the price for the extra resources (increased RAM and disk space) could be between $29.00 and $49.00 per month.

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