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Admin Interfaces with Administrate Discussion

I would not trust this with production data. It's much much much too early for anything more than a pet project.

Maybe, maybe not. It's definitely new but it's not much more than some basic scaffold generators right now. Nothing too special. I wouldn't use it on a client project yet, but I'd absolutely use it on personal projects.

Fritz Rodriguez Jr. ·

So what would you guys use in production, what are the concerns for production use?What would you guys use in production, ActiveAdmin, Rails Admin or generate it from scratch?

I'm using ActiveAdmin for most sites since it existed beforehand, but now I'm starting to use Administrate in production. Only real concerns with this over production use is that it hasn't existed for all that long to work out the basic bugs. Since it's pretty much scaffolds, you can pretty easily debug anything that would go wrong. The main downside right now is going to be a potentially quickly changing API that may be more than you would want to deal with maintenance wise.

Fritz Rodriguez Jr. ·

Thanks Chris! I have had problems with ActveAdmin in the past, so I am going to try administrate in one of my newer production app that does contain a lot of records and is backed up should something go wrong.

Fritz Rodriguez Jr. ·

So I had some issues with administrate, javascript was causing rendering issue. Then I went with ActiveAdmin, but it's not quite ready for rails 4.2...this time had issues with the admin stylesheets not rendering correctly. So I tried the rails admin gem and had no least so far. I still like administrate overall for the reason you listed. Talk with you later! Have a great rest of the day

Ah that's disappointing. I wonder what the issue was with the JS...As long as you've got an easy admin to work with, that's all that matters.

Fritz Rodriguez Jr. ·

This could be happening on my end, conflicts with other javascript plug-ins? Going to try it with a new rails app to see if I'm getting the same error. Have a great day my friend!

really like the UI and simplicity of this Gem but yeah i think its too early to adopt..I couldn't find a command to remove all the files it has there any?

It's unlikely. Your version control system provides this.

Yeah, I don't know of _any_ generators that have an uninstall. Git works perfect for removing them though.

Yeah, I agree..was thinking of something like a 'destroy' command from rails..thanks for the video @excid3:disqus

Amazing start. So happy to see this solution. Thank you for this tut!

AHmed Fahad ·

Great Tutorial. I would definitely use it for my personal project. My only concern if it works properly with Heroku in Production mode ?

I don't think there are any changes between the gem in development and production. You should be safe there.

Didnt find implementation for custom pages. Or there is nothing about this?

Since these are just regular scaffolds, you can add routes and actions like you normally would. It's not really documented anywhere yet, but that's about all you would do.

Hi Chris, Thanks very much for this overview. I'm trying to use this, except I'm running into a problem, which I think is related to have objects for which there is no controller.

I am currently getting this error:

NameError in Admin::Users#show

Showing /Users/mm/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.2/gems/administrate-0.1.3/app/views/fields/has_many/_show.html.erb where line #24 raised:

uninitialized constant Mailboxer::MessageDashboard

I think the problem might be that it can't make a space in the dashboard if there is no controller action. Do you have any ideas for how to solve this?

Thanks very much.

Also, if it helps others, if errors come up when you try to run the installer, try deleting the routes, running 'spring stop' in your terminal and re-running the installer.

To get your customized views to work move app/views/admin/applications to app/views/administrate/application. The generator does not copy files to the correct path.

Sounds like a good pull request for someone to submit to the repo if they have time! *hint hint*

Chris how do you add the top navbar in admin ?

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