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Posted in Admin Interfaces with Administrate Discussion

Great thanks!

Posted in Admin Interfaces with Administrate Discussion

is this fully supported in Rails 6 now?

Posted in Distribute Records Uploaded Evenly to Devise Users

If we have multiple users i.e 10 that each check records in index view, which are updated daily via a csv upload, any thoughts on a good way to distribute those records evenly, to spread workload?

Posted in How to use Google Maps and Markers Discussion

Does anybody know some good setup defaults using Gmaps with webpacker & Rails 6?

Posted in Stimulus JS Twitter UI: Part 2 Discussion

Also found this for anyone trying to accomplish the same https://github.com/eelcoj/stimulus-inline-edit

Posted in Stimulus JS Twitter UI: Part 2 Discussion

Thanks @spacerobotTR, ill give it a try.

Posted in Stimulus JS Twitter UI: Part 2 Discussion

Hi All!

Any idea a good way to edit all fields in a model, like in a crm.

As this example is only editing one field 'body', what if I wanted to edit; title, body and more fields?



Hello all!

While using this technique, a came across a problem.

Im basically building an invoice with various fields calculations and nested items, all works fine.

In my form, one of the values is a select box, this helps with some calculations and changes the output of total depending, using computed properties, I then save all of those variables/values to the database on submit.

The problem is when I try then to edit the same record, its opens but the correct saved select values are not show, which will mess the whole calculation.

Any ideas anyone?



Posted in Charts with Chartkick and Groupdate Discussion


Has anybody successfuly combined 2 charts i.e Bar chart with line chart based on related data?

for exampkle what im trying to achieve please see : https://codepen.io/danchapuk/pen/WKaBjp



Yes, I agree that would be great!

Posted in Advice on building a 'reports' feature

@chris, Hi!, has anyone got any pointers on this as Im also having trouble finding the best solution for Rails 5.1 app reporting financial data?

Basically receive incoming daily emails, with CSV attachment, then importing the CSV rows to your desired model/database.

Anyone done this before?

Thanks for any input.

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